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Master's Degree Admission

Admission Process

Master's degree applications are reviewed for admission on a quarterly basis. Applicants will be notified of a decision via email and standard mail the week following the review. If you plan to be accepted to the following quarter or apply for financial aid, the application deadlines below must be met.

Admission Application Deadlines

Summer 2015 −
Fall 2015 −
Winter 2016 −
Spring 2016 −

Please note that all items must be received by posted deadlines.

Admission Application Deadlines for International Applicants

Summer 2015 −
Fall 2015 −
Winter 2016 −
Spring 2016 −

Please note that all items must be received by posted deadlines. The application deadline for international applicants is earlier to accommodate the extra steps required for evaluation and to allow admitted applicants to participate in the International Student Preparation Week.

Admission Criteria

A regionally accredited baccalaureate degree is required for admission. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) in their undergraduate work from a regionally accredited degree-granting institution for full admission. Applicants whom University College believes may successfully engage in graduate work, but who have not met the previously stated GPA requirements, may be admitted to a degree program on a provisional basis. The GMAT and GRE are NOT required.

International student requirements

There are additional international student requirements. Students whose native language is not English must also attend the International Student Preparation Week prior to attending classes.

Transfer Credits

Students may transfer up to 12 credit hours toward a master's degree as long as the graduate coursework and credit hours were earned within a five year period preceding the request for transfer hours from a regionally accredited institution. All transfer credit must carry a minimum grade of B and may not have been applied toward another degree program. Transfer credit may not be applied toward graduate certificate requirements. Students must request transfer credit during their first quarter of enrollment and transfer credit hours must be submitted on the Transfer of Credit Request form and be approved by the University of Denver Registrar's Office.

Steps To Apply

Master's degree applications consist of seven components; the step-by-step process is outlined below. Personal statements/essays, résumés, and supplemental materials should be uploaded and submitted at the same time as the online application to ensure efficient processing.

1. Application Form

Apply to University College

Watch this short video for instructions on how to apply

To begin the online application:

  • a. Go to
  • b. Select "apply for admission".
  • c. Create a new ID and PIN.
  • d. The first page asks you to select the college to which you are applying. Select "University College".
  • e. You are then prompted to enter a degree. Select the appropriate master's degree.
  • f. Select a major.
  • g. Select a concentration.
  • h. Fill out all sections of the application thoroughly.
  • i. Submit the application and pay the application fee online.

You should receive an email from our Admission Office within a week of submitting your application online confirming receipt of your application, and reminding you of any missing application materials

2. Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable application fee is required. Pay online or by phone with a credit card or via mail by check or money order.

3. Official Transcripts from Each Post-Secondary Institution Attended

A regionally accredited baccalaureate degree is required for admission. Submit one official transcript from each college or university where 2 quarter hours (or one semester hour) or more were completed. This includes transcripts for credit earned as transfer work and study abroad.

Transcripts may be submitted electronically or by mail. The University of Denver will consider electronic transcripts official from a domestic institution if it meets the criteria outlined by the Office of the Registrar. If sent by mail, official transcripts must arrive at University College.

Please send transcripts to the following address: University of Denver
University College
ATTN: Graduate Admission
2211 South Josephine Street
Denver, CO 80208

Download transcript request.

4. Two Letters of Recommendation

Two confidential letters of recommendation are required. Letter of recommendation requests are sent to your recommender via email within one business day of submitting your online application. You will be asked to provide names and email addresses for your recommenders on your online application. We suggest you notify your recommender in advance that the recommendation request email will be coming from University College at the University of Denver. This will allow him/her to return the recommendation form electronically. Letters should be completed by individuals such as former instructors, supervisors, coworkers, and individuals you know from community activities who can speak to your professional strengths and aptitude for graduate study.

Please contact your letter of recommendation providers a day or two after submitting your application to verify they received the email and letter of recommendation form. If your letter of recommendation provider is unable to submit an electronic copy, he/she may download the recommendation letter form and submit it in a sealed envelope signed across the back.

5. Personal Statement

Statement of Purpose: A personal statement (two pages double spaced) is required. The statement should include information on how the degree will enhance career plans and meet educational goals. Some questions to consider are (a) what do you expect to learn and achieve in your degree program? (b) what kind of professional position do you anticipate having five years after you earn this degree? (c) what experiences have you had that form the foundation for these career or educational goals? Sharing personal experiences, abilities, achievements, and goals is encouraged. This document has considerable influence in the decision to admit applicants with attention given to written communication skills, clarity, and organization.

6. Résumé

Submit a résumé listing your current employers and professional experiences. Your résumé should be uploaded with your online application.

7. Approved Degree Plan

Your degree plan is a roadmap that details the required courses that are part of your academic program. A degree plan is required to complete the admission process and can be completed through our online Degree Builder tool.

An advising appointment is required to facilitate the admission process. During this appointment, your advisor will review and approve your degree plan and address any questions you have about the program and the process of becoming a University of Denver student.

When creating your degree plan using the Degree Builder tool, make sure to save your plan with your name and email address during the final step. Please make note of the record locator number provided when your degree plan has been successfully saved. Once this is complete, call 303-871-2291 to schedule a phone or in-person appointment with your advisor. To expedite this process, please have your degree plan locator code available. Incomplete plans will not be accepted.

8. Programs with Additional Requirements

Master of Liberal Studies in Arts and Culture with a concentration in Creative Writing

In addition to a personal statement, the Master of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing requires a writing sample (2-3 pages) in the genre of your choice. Please submit a writing sample via email to

Master of Liberal Studies in Global Affairs, concentration in Translation Studies, requirements

The Master of Liberal Studies in Global Affairs with a concentration in Translation Studies requires a Language Pair Information and Assessment form as part of the application. Download, complete, and fax the form to 303-871-3305 or email it to Also note that the Translation Studies introductory course, required for subsequent translation courses, is only offered in the fall and spring quarters. Please contact the academic advisor for details.

Start Application Process

We strongly encourage applicants to upload personal statements/essays, résumés, supplemental documents and to submit letter of recommendation provider names and emails with the online application to ensure efficient processing. Applications and fees are valid for one year, after which point you may be asked to submit an updated application and fee to re-activate your application file.

All materials submitted as part of any application for admission to the University of Denver become property of the University. Materials will not be copied, returned or released to the applicant or any third party.

Contact Information

University College Building
2211 South Josephine Street
Denver, CO 80208

Admission: 303-871-6077, 800-347-2042, or
International Admission: 303-871-6148, 800-347-2042, or

Advising: 303-871-2291 or 800-347-2042
Student Support Center: 303-871-2291, 800-347-2042 (option 1), or

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