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Graduate Curriculum Structure

A New Degree for a New Era

In an era where change is constant and rapid, achieving your goals depends on an ability to anticipate and adapt to evolving situations. To better prepare our students to thrive in this environment, University College has developed a new vision for what it means to deliver the most effective professional education to working adults−the Professional Options Curriculum.

This powerful curriculum allows you to customize your educational experience while providing the opportunity to explore a strategic in-depth understanding of broader issues that pertain to your area of study. Our program advisory boards, faculty, and community leaders, as well as our extensive research, guide the curriculum to meet the needs of a wide-range of careers.

Learn how to handle changing responsibilities and new demands while navigating a new era of professional challenges. Discover how the Professional Options Curriculum can work for you by reviewing the information below.

Graduate Research and Writing
Be prepared for graduate level writing and learn the tools to facilitate effective research throughout your program.

Professional Foundation courses Learn the scope of activity of organizations that operate within a career field, along with historical development, future direction and trends, and typical roles.

Professional Concentration courses Focus on a specific professional area within the larger industry sector and master the skills needed to excel in that area.

Further Studies Options

Customize your degree to match your career needs by choosing one of the three further studies course options.

The Internal Option

Allows you to build on your degree concentration area by taking an additional three courses within the subject area of your concentration, or to develop a broader perspective within your industry sector by selecting three courses usually from another concentration within your major area.

The Related Option

Helps you develop a special skill set outside your typical area of study. Choose from a predetermined group of subject areas from other majors that have been identified as most likely related to your main concentration.

The Flexible Option

Gives you the opportunity to acquire introductory skills by choosing from a pool of courses that have been designated for this option. These courses may be from three different concentration areas, but you must provide a rationale for the selection of courses and obtain approval from your program director.

Capstone Project or Seminar
The Capstone Project or Seminar is the culminating academic endeavor of degree programs at University College. You will explore a problem or issue through focused study and applied research under the direction of a faculty member.

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Student Experience

From start to finish, the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program provides an unparalleled experience that helps you do more for your career, family, and community.

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Online classes are designed and delivered for busy adults seeking a convenient option to pursue education.

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Lifelong Learning

Non-credit classes offer diverse, interesting topics from politics to the arts, nature to technology. Stimulate your mind and reawaken your curiosity−all for the love of learning!