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Public Relations and Marketing (Master's)

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The Public Relations and Marketing master's degree concentration is offered online or on campus at the University of Denver in the evenings, or in a combination of both, to meet the needs of busy adults. Current or aspiring PR or marketing professionals will expand their skillset and learn how to write for the audience, manage corporate identity, products, and services, and key relationships with internal and external constituents.

Graduates take away vital knowledge about research-based decision making, the persuasive process of communicating to target audiences, the principles of branding and market positioning, the proficiency needed to measure the effects of PR and marketing efforts, and the practice of successful media relations including internet marketing communication. Customize your Organizational and Professional Communication master's degree through the innovative Professional Options Curriculum using our convenient online degree builder tool, which allows you to select courses that cater to your specific career needs.

This degree prepares students to:

  • Implement the process of communicating/writing persuasively for specific outcomes with targeted audiences

  • Understand branding and market positioning as they relate to consumer behavior, what drives it, and how to influence it

  • Employ marketing, PR, and advertising techniques to create communication plans with measurable results

  • Develop, manage, and analyze effective media relations practices and venues

  • Gain a perspective on primary principles and practices of marketing and public relations at work in a 21st century global economy

Organizational and Professional Communication Outcomes

This program prepares students to:

  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills across organizational, professional, and social settings
  • Utilize knowledge of theoretical foundations and applied techniques to expand one's comfort level with communication choices across settings
  • Display critical thinking processes: analyze, understand, and evaluate communication within organizations and as part of external professional situations
  • Utilize creativity in constructing, assessing, and/or managing problem solving, decision making or conflict processes and interactions; demonstrate the ability to revise such processes for more effective outcomes as needed
  • Understand the nature and needs of group/team processes as they relate to and operate within organizations
  • Demonstrate social awareness, responsibility, and sensitivity for the communication required in culturally diverse groups
  • Develop knowledge and skills within one or two communication specialties which enhance and clarify professional direction, career objectives, or personal development

Required Courses

MPS in Organizational and Professional Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Marketing requires completion of 48 credit hours (12 courses)

Professional Foundation Courses - 12 qtr. hrs

Professional Foundations courses help students to understand the scope of activity, historical development, future direction and trends, and typical types and roles of organizations that operate within a career field.

Concentration Courses - 16 qtr. hrs (Choose 4)

Professional Concentration courses allow students to focus on a specific professional area within the larger industry sector in which they are working or wish to work, and master the skills needed to excel in that area.

Further Study - 12 qtr. hrs (Choose 3)

Further Studies Options allow students to customize their degrees to match their career needs by either choosing in-depth study in their concentration by selecting three of the following courses, or exploring other options by using our Degree Builder tool.

Additional Further Study courses available, please see Design your custom plan for complete option of Further Study courses

Core Courses - 8 qtr. hrs

The Capstone Project is the culminating academic endeavor of our degree programs, in which students explore a problem or issue within their field of study.

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Careers in Public Relations and Marketing

Public Relations Manager, Marketing Specialist, Communications Coordinator, Publicist, Public Relations Manager or Specialist, Marcomm Specialist, Director of Marketing, Media Relations Specialist, Media Manager, Integrated Marketing Manager, Media Planner.

Planning, talent management, marketing, research, analysis, organization, coordination, writing, customer service, production.

Job opportunities in advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales are expected to grow, and due to high earnings and upward mobility, the competition is steep. But despite the competition that exists for public relations specialists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment rate will still grow much faster than the average at 23% by 2020. Growth will be driven by the need for organizations to uphold their brand and public image in a high-tech, high-information age.

Careers in Organizational and Professional Communication

Communicate success
Top communicators get the top rankings! Public relations specialists, marketing researchers, art directors, and marketing managers all placed among the top 100 best careers in a 2013 ranking by U.S. News & World Report. And although communication, public relations, and media jobs tend to be in larger, metropolitan areas, there is a trend that clearly shows a dispersal of job openings across the nation. Whether you're looking to enter creative services, mediation, media, training and development, or another communication field, the key is to prove ingenuity, resilience, and communication savvy.

Stay ahead of the curve!
New media, new technology, and new global opportunities are all the rage within the communication industry, as employers seek industrious professionals who have innovative skills and can bring something new and dynamic to the table. By next year, total marketing spend will have shifted drastically: interactive online marketing will reach $55 billion and search marketing will grow 15% per year to reach $32 billion. Those with an innate ability to generate creative solutions, think innovatively, and market themselves will likely excel within the organizational and professional communication field.

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