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With a combination of appointed faculty from the University of Denver and adjunct faculty with extensive real-world experience in their fields, our expert faculty at University College understand adult learning theories and provide practice-based education to busy adults. Students gain the hands-on skills and foundational knowledge needed to excel in their chosen industries, all while learning from professional practitioners who work in the fields they teach.

Our faculty lead dynamic discussions in the classroom, hold rigorous academic standards, and embrace innovative technologies and curriculum designed specifically for adult learners. Learn more about the faculty at University College by browsing the descriptions below.

Robin Amadei

Robin Amadei (JD, Seattle University; BA in Political Science, University of Massachusetts) has been providing conflict coaching services nationwide since 1991 as the current owner of Common Ground Mediation Center, LLC. As a mediation consultant, Robin brings negotiation, agreement writing, and train-the-trainer knowledge to the classroom. Students appreciate Robin’s engaging and enthusiastic leadership in the classroom and her ability to bring in real life experiences to assist in her instruction. Her ability to effectively demonstrate how the concepts can be applied to professional situations is what students like best about Robin.

Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson (PhD in Communication, University of Colorado Boulder; MA in Rhetoric and Communication, University of California Davis; BA in Sociology, University of California Davis) leads an organization development consulting team at Oracle and is author of Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change. Donald has experience consulting for Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses and education institutions. Dr. Anderson brings extensive knowledge in organizational development and organizational change in businesses of all sizes to the classroom. Students appreciate Dr. Anderson’s supportive nature and engaging classes, in addition to his personal and professional insight. His outstanding facilitation of class discussions is what students like best about Dr. Anderson.

Bridget Arend

Bridget Arend (PhD in Higher Education and Adult Studies, University of Denver; MA in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Denver; BA in Central and East European Studies, University of Colorado Boulder) is the Director of University Teaching at Teaching and Learning Program at the University of Denver. With over 15 years’ experience, Bridge brings experience in areas of assessment, learning and online education to the classroom. Students appreciate Bridget’s in class activities, engagement and ability to relate professional experience in course materials.

Karla Barry

Karla Barry (PhD in Organizational Performance and Change, Colorado State University; MA in Applied Communication, University of Denver; BFA in Communication, Illinois Wesleyan University) is a learning and development professional. During her career, Karla has worked for McGraw-Hill, Janus Mutual Funds, Nordstrom Bank, Citigroup and most recently Pinnacol Assurance. She brings knowledge in leadership development, curriculum design, coaching programs and social media in the workplace to the classroom. Students appreciate Karla’s involvement in course discussions, knowledge and her ability to relate course materials to real world examples.

Jonathan Bausman

Jon Bausman (MBA, Anderson University; BA in Marketing Communications and Entrepreneurship, Anderson University) is a data-driven marketer with 10+ years of documented success in developing marketing strategies and managing cross-functional teams to achieve key business objectives within startups, mid-size matrix organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Jon currently leads the social media team for Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter and a multi-billion dollar outdoor retail company. Previously Jon worked for various organizations including British Petroleum, Eli Lilly, Dow, Roche Diagnostics, DowAgro, gubernatorial campaigns, and congressional candidates.

Alice Bedard-Voorhees

Alice Bedard-Voorhees (PhD in Distance Education, Capella University; MA in English-Creative Writing, Arizona State University; BA in American Studies, Minnesota State University) has served adult learning and professional development at two- and four-year institutions in the U.S. and has provided international professional development in such countries as China, Oman, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and for globally-dispersed online groups. As the current principal of the Constant Learning Organization, Alice brings digital assessment strategies and digital education techniques to the classroom. Students appreciate Alice’s availability and responsiveness throughout the course. Her ability to integrate a variety of technologies and tools in the classroom is what students like best about Alice.

Pearl Bell

Pearl Bell (MA in International Studies, University of Denver; MA in Conflict Resolution, University of Denver; BA in Egypt and Ancient Mediterranean World, Hollins University; BA in English, Hollins University) is the current manager of assessment and evaluation/youth and adult program coordinator for the Conflict Center and has spoken on topics such as transformative mediation, social norming, bullying prevention, dating violence, Karpman’s Triangle and power, privilege and oppression. With her experience, Pearl brings knowledge in the areas of conflict, anger, communication, relationships and violence prevention to the classroom. Students appreciate the fact Pearl can bring in relevant real-world experiences to the discussions. Her ability to facilitate open and honest discussions is what students like best about Pearl.

Robert Bentz

Robert Jay Bentz (MBA, Marshall University; BS, West Virginia University) is president of Advanced Telecom Services, Inc. with offices in Philadelphia, Toronto, London, and Prague. He is also the president of ATS Mobile (, Purplegator (, Overture Interactive, and Olympic Internet. Bob brings real world experience to the classroom with his first-hand knowledge of mobile and digital marketing. He is the author of Opportunity is Calling (1993) and Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing (2016). Students appreciate Bob’s knowledge in mobile marketing and how he relates real life examples to course subjects. More information about Bob is available at

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake (PhD in Mass Communication, University of Minnesota; MS in Public Relations, University of Denver; BA in English, College of Wooster) has over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching strategic communications. As the owner of Blake Communications, Stephanie brings knowledge in developing and implementing strategic communication plans to the classroom. Current and previous clients include the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, the Dixon Collective, Highland Farmers Market, Adams 12 Five Star School District and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Students appreciate Stephanie’s challenging and engaging assignments. Her ability to demonstrate her strong understanding of course content is what students like best about Stephanie.

Michele Bollig

Michele Bollig (MBA Regis University; BS in Marketing, Regis University) is a senior marketing professional at Ricoh, a global technology company. She possesses a proven ability to develop and implement strategic marketing plans, lead cross functional teams and execute demand generation activities resulting in multi-million dollar revenue attainment. With her expensive professional experience, Michele brings knowledge in developing and implementing integrated, content-driven, multi-channel strategies in high tech, complex environments to the classroom. Students enjoy Michele’s insightful feedback and willingness to help and engagement.

David Chao

David Chao (MBA, University of Colorado) is the President and CEO of CDB Management, a consulting company that helps companies manage and develop strategic partnerships. David was the chief strategist and vice president of business development for NTT/Verio, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications. NTT/Verio is one of the world's largest hosting companies and was an early pioneer in the Internet. He was responsible for the company's SMB strategic direction as well as leading the strategic input into the functional groups of the company. He was responsible for product direction and vision, marketing, strategic alliances and the indirect sales channel. Student appreciate David’s feedback, insightful feedback, and the fun and creative environment he made in the classroom.

Brock Chapman

Brock Chapman (MBA, Regis University) is the Managing Director of the Rocky Mountain Region for a planned community and resort development company. With over 24 years of experience in real estate development and solar energy industries, Brock brings knowledge in researching, creating, and executing effective marketing strategies at the business division and individual project level to the classroom. He has overseen major real estate projects in Colorado, California, Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. East Coast and Southwestern U.S. Students appreciate Brock’s ability to provide real-world examples into class discussions and useful feedback.

Matthew Charles

No biography available at this time. Please check back

Christine Coates

Christine Coates (JD, University of Colorado; MEd in Adult Counseling, University of Houston; BA in Psychology, Houston Baptist University) is an experienced attorney with an emphasis on ADR and has been a mediator since 1984 in private practice. As a teacher, training, coach, and consultant, Christine brings extensive mediation and ADR experience to the classroom. Currently providing mediation and parenting coordination services through the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution, Christine’s professional passion is helping people resolve conflict and access peace in their lives. Students appreciate Christine’s availability for answering and engagement in course discussions.

Katherine Cooperman

Katherine Cooperman (MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville; BS in Sociology/Psychology, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville) is the current principal consultant for KC Leadership Consulting LLC. With more than 20 years’ experience, Katherine brings coaching, consulting and change facilitation knowledge to the classroom, in addition to a passion for helping organizations accelerate excellence in their leaders—engaging everyone to work together to achieve the business strategy while applying the core principals of Positive Psychology. Students appreciate Katherine’s constant feedback and effective teaching tools.

Greta Covell

Greta Covell (Master of Journalism in Public Relations, Louisiana State University; BA in Journalism, Louisiana State University) has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations in Denver, Louisiana and Texas. As the current Director of Marketing Communications for the Iliff School of Theology at the University Of Denver, Greta brings integrated marketing communications knowledge to the classroom. Students appreciate Greta’s enthusiasm for marketing and encouraging style of teaching. Her ability to convey her extensive knowledge in a helpful and motivational manner is what students like best about Greta.

Cindy Cragg

Cindy Cragg (MA in Organizational & Professional Communication, University of Denver; BA in Interpersonal & Public Communication, Northern Illinois University) has nearly 20 years experience in marketing communication with a focus on strategic content marketing and optimization, Cindy brings a high level of real-life experience and practical application to every course she teaches. Cindy's approach is unequivocally no-nonsense. She is passionate about the success of each student she comes into contact with and loves to incorporate new technologies to make the learning process as interactive as possible. Cindy has been an Adjunct Faculty at University of Denver’s University College since 2015 and has taught courses in branding, search marketing, campaign management and marketing communication. Cindy is Google AdWords certified.

Gary Craig

Gary Craig (MA, in Management / Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, University of Phoenix; BA in Sociology and English, Western Illinois University) has over 30 years of experience in organizational change management, human resources development and organizational development and effectiveness. Gary is the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer for Vector Group, Inc. As head of operations in The Americas and Asia, he oversees business development domestically and internationally. Students enjoy Gary’s wealth of knowledge and engagement in class discussions.

Joanna Duenas

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Emily Edge

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Bernadine Fischer

Bernadine Fischer (MPS in Organizational and Professional Communications, University of Denver; BA in Communications, Regis University) has over 25 years of marketing experience in the media and telecommunications industry working for Time Warner, Cable, Comcast Communications, Turner Broadcasting, Media News Group and Gannett in the areas of traditional and digital marketing: strategic planning, competitive analysis, data driven marketing, branding, positioning , public relations, website development and curation. As a marketing and communications change agent and business development strategist, Bernadine brings the knowledge of multi-platform marketing tools such as CRM tools and information management solutions to the classroom. Students appreciate Bernadine’s feedback, encouragement and enthusiasm about course topics.

Robert Flaherty

Dr. Rob Flaherty (PhD in Social Psychology, Ohio State; MBA, Baker University) has served in both faculty and administrative positions in higher education. As a faculty member, Rob has taught both traditional and non-traditional students, with over 15 years of experience of teaching working adult. He has taught courses in psychology, research design, organizational behavior, leadership and statistics and marketing, and has worked as a part-time marketing research consultant (survey design and analysis). As an administrator and campus leader, Rob has been involved in institutional change, strategic planning and continuous improvement processes, and is currently the Director of Academic Assessment at DU. Dr. Flaherty brings a combination of academic skills (e.g., research design, writing, psychological theory) and organizational experience (e.g., organizational and professional development, strategic planning, continuous improvement) to inform his classroom teaching and course design. Students appreciate Rob’s useful feedback and encouragement in the online classroom.

S. Gabrielle Frey

Gabrielle Frey (JD, University of Denver College of Law; BA in Sociology, Colorado State University) has more than 27 years of experience in training, facilitation, event production, program development and administration, and staff and volunteer management. Certificated in mediation since 1990, she has provided training and education to organizations, schools and community groups, allowing ongoing development of skills and techniques within the restorative justice, mediation, and ADR fields. As the current assistant director of Columbia College, Gabrielle brings restorative conflict resolution, group dynamics, personal assessments, skill building, and process development knowledge to the classroom. Her ability to challenge the class to think outside the box is what students like best about Gabrielle.

Allison Friederichs

Allison Friederichs (PhD in Communication, University of Denver) is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the University of Denver’s University College. Prior to that, she was the Director of Columbia College, a non-profit liberal arts & sciences college located in Denver, CO. She has taught Communication courses for University College since 2003 and was an adjunct faculty member of the Human Communication Studies Department at DU for 12 years. Allison’s extensive experience brings knowledge in professional communication, higher education assessment and curriculum development to the classroom. Students appreciate Allison’s knowledge, course discussions, engagement and useful feedback.

Richard Fullerton

Richard Fullerton (MA in Applied Communication, University of Denver; BA in Business Administration, The College of William & Mary) has experience on the panel for the American Arbitration Association in addition to the Advisory Board for Jefferson County Mediation Services and board for Community Alternatives, Inc. As a facilitator, mediator, and arbitration consultant, Richard brings knowledge in contract and employment conflict for business organizations in construction, real estate and HOA disputes to the classroom. Students appreciate Richard’s knowledge on the subject of facilitation and his timely responsiveness. His ability to convey his passion for the subject is what students like best about Richard.

Mark Hacker

Mark Hacker (MA Communications, University of Denver; BA Communications, University of Denver) is the managing director of Alta Leadership Group, a boutique consultancy based in Denver, Colorado that provides leadership development, performance management and executive-level coaching services to clients throughout the United States. Prior to his current positon, Mark worked at Walmart in several senior HR, training and OD roles. With his extensive background in the field, Mark bring knowledge in leadership development, strategic workforce planning, talent management, developing human capital and current issues in human resources to the classroom. Students appreciate Mark’s engagement in course discussions, encouragement and useful feedback.

Michael Hanbery

Michael Hanbery (Executive MBA, University of Denver; BA in Mass Communications) is the Director of New Media Strategies at Webolutions, Inc. Students appreciate Mike’s real-world insight and effective teaching style. His ability to communicate and share hands-on experience is what students like best about Mike.

Rebecca Harris

MNM, Regis University
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Peace & Conflict, Long Island University

Rebecca Harris is a non-profit consultant specializing in effective organizational management, program development, design and monitoring and evaluation. Having spent the last fifteen years in the nonprofit sector she brings a wide range of expertise to clients.

In additional to her significant organizational management experience Rebecca is an expert in international child welfare, orphan care and adoption program evaluation and development. She is the co-author of chapter entitled “Systems that Protect Children: Elements of Success” in the book, The Intercountry Adoption Debate: Dialogues Across Disciplines. She's spoken globally on organizational management and child welfare and has advised hundreds of organizations and governments on policy and program implementation. Her passion is to help small to mid-size organizations develop and maintain services that effectively care for children and families in need.

Rebecca Harris was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Joint Council on International Children’s Services from 2012 to 2014. Prior to serving as COO Rebecca served as Director of Programs and Services (2009 – 2012) and Government Relations and Communications Officer (2008) at Joint Council. In 2010 Rebecca was honored with the Board of Directors Outstanding Service to Children award for her work for children and families in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Previous to her work at Joint Council, Rebecca served as an International Program Coordinator for Adoption Alliance in Denver, CO.

Rebecca studied in Australia, England, and South Africa. While in South Africa, she provided direct care for HIV positive orphans. Rebecca was also a member of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Ex-Combatant Re-Skilling Project which transitioned South African soldiers into society. She serves on the Board of Directors for Community Resources, Inc

Jacqueline Hooper

Jacqueline Hooper (PhD in Education (Applied Psychology), University of Virginia; MS in Educational Psychology, Florida Stata University; BA in Psychology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) is the Leadership Succession Management Consultant at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Colorado. Prior to working at Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Jacqueline was worked in academia as an Assistant Professor and Education Specialist. Her background brings knowledge in corporate wellness, chronobiology and peak performance, positive psychology and authentic leadership to the classroom. Students appreciate Jacqueline’s wealth of knowledge in psychology and teaching effectiveness.

Kim Hosler

Kim Hosler (PhD in Educational Technology, University of Northern Colorado; MEd in Education, Kent State University; BA, French, Bethany College) has over 25 years in the learning and professional development field. Kim is a published researcher in peer-reviewed journals and the author of several book chapters. Kim brings knowledge in learning and professional development and industrial design to the classroom. Students appreciate Kim’s informal facilitation style, her learner centered approach and the timely and detailed feedback she provides students.

Erin Iwata

Erin Iwata (MA in Applied Communication and ADR, University of Denver; BS in Business Management, University of Denver) is VP of Digital Marketing for Heinrich, a 38 year-old integrated advertising agency in Denver. Erin has over 19 years of experience and has developed and implemented successful marketing and communication plans for clients like the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Hach Company, AT&T, Qwest, Wells Fargo, Kroger, Harley Davidson, Fifth Third Bank, ING Financial, US Bank, IMA, Walmart and Macy’s. With her experience, Erin brings knowledge in client-side and consulting experience in the areas of digital, integrated and direct marketing, brand development, and partnership marketing in both B2B and B2C environments to the classroom. Students appreciate Erin’s industry knowledge and useful feedback.

Kate Johnson

No biography available at this time. Please check back

Richard Khleif

Richard Khleif (PhD in Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder; MA in Integrated Marketing Communications, University of Colorado Boulder; BA in Political Science, University of New Hampshire) has nearly two decades of public and private sector experience spanning leadership roles in communications and engagement, strategy, business development, sales, services and training. He has taught university courses since 1999, holds several technical certifications and has been the recipient of various business and academic awards. Khleif currently leads communications and development functions for a multibillion-dollar division of Oracle Corporation, with past positions at Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups and government agencies. His broad international background brings a global multicultural perspective to the classroom. Students enjoy Richard’s knowledge, engagement in course discussions and useful course materials.

James Krefft

James Krefft (PhD in American Literature, Tulane University; MA in English, Tulane University; BA in Philosophy, Notre Dame Seminary College) has 25 years of international experience as a human resources consultant and an executive coach to C-level corporate leaders. Before consulting, Jim worked for ExxonMobil as a human resources executive, a management development director, and a recruiting and staffing manager. He has an impeccable track record in implementing large-scale organizational change. With exceptional know-how in organization design, competency-based selection, human performance systems, and performance coaching, Jim has to date enabled clients to save $2.7 billion. James brings knowledge in leadership, partnering, behavioral interviewing, team building, and performance coaching and oral and written communications to the classroom. Students appreciate Dr. Krefft’s timely and valuable feedback, innovative use of technology in the classroom and good humor. His ability to deliver core competencies and impart his large wealth of knowledge of the HR industry is what students like best about Dr. Krefft.

Robert Kumagai

BS, University of Colorado, Boulder
MBA, University of Denver

Bob Kumagai is the Associate Director of Career Services at the Daniels College at the University of Denver, focusing on supporting and developing the career paths for MBA and MS students with an interest in Marketing, Business Analytics and Management. He is a seasoned strategist and executive with a background in strategic marketing, technology product development, e-commerce, interactive media, and digital advertising. Bob began his career in the hospitality industry after earning an MBA from the University of Denver. He has been a part of multiple start-ups in both the online and bricks & mortar sectors. An early adopter of online channels, he worked for digital marketing agencies LinkShare and Avenue A Razorfish. He has led the online marketing strategies and teams for ClickBank, onTargetjobs (DHI), Avis/Budget Group, and most recently established the brand and product strategy for LocalGravity, a data analytics start-up focused on the emerging markets of China and Southeast Asia.

Kathleen Leimkuehler

Katie Leimkuehler (MFA in Fiction Writing, Roosevelt University; BA in Journalism with a Business Emphasis and Creative Writing, Miami University of Ohio) runs a social media coaching and marketing company called Leimkuehler Media where she trains startups and businesses on the best social media and marketing practices to build their brand. Prior to this, she was the Social Media Director at International Studies Abroad in Denver, where she oversaw and managed social media and content marketing and led new successful social campaigns including the Twitter Chats and managed the 40+ student blogger program. Previously, she was the Manager of Social Media and Communications for the International Interior Design Association and Journalist and Community Manager at The Chicago Tribune. She has been a contributing writer for several publications including Social Media Examiner, Business 2 Community, Ignite Social Media, Rocks Digital, Online Super Ninja, The Sun Times, Networlding, Built in Colorado, Social Media Today, Lifehack, and Technori and has also spoken at Chicago Social Media Week.

Adriana Medina

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Debra Mixon Mitchell

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Karen Morales

Karen Morales (MA in Communication, University of Denver; BA in Journalism and Public Relations, University of Northern Colorado) has experience in training, facilitation, instruction, and communications. As the current owner of Communication Infrastructure Group, Karen focuses on creating and managing comprehensive strategic communication planning processes for long-term, high-impact public infrastructure projects. Students appreciate Karen’s fun and engaging teaching style, in addition to her in-depth course outlines. Her ability to convey real world examples and share her extensive knowledge is what students like best about Karen.

Tawanna Mullins

Tawanna Mullins (MSS, University of Denver) has worked in the field of training and organizational development for more than 12 years. Mullins has worked as a corporate trainer and consultant for both the private sector and governmental entities. She has facilitated training programs for clients such as Pinnacol Assurance, Columbia Health Care, Convergent Communications, Denver Water, Oakwood Homes, Qwest and AT&T Broadband. Tawanna brings knowledge in providing custom skill-based training in the areas of management and leadership, team-building, diversity and change management to the classroom. Students appreciate Tawanna’s insights, timely feedback, engagement. Her ability to real-world examples is what students like most about Tawanna.

Lisa Niederman

Lisa Niederman (MA in Psychology, University of Redlands-Johnston; BA in Social Psychology, University of Wisconsin Madison) has been an executive in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years. As the chief executive officer for Performance Velocity LLC, Lisa brings her knowledge as a psychologist and her experience in business to the classroom. She has studied the impact of intuitive intelligence on business success for more than two decades. Lisa served as the president of the American Society for Training and Development, Rocky Mountain Chapter, founding member of the Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) - an executive development program for fast-track corporate women managers. Students appreciate Lisa’s energy and passion for the subjects she teaches about. Her ability to actively engage with students and convey her knowledge is what students like best about Lisa.

Robert Nogueira

MPS in Organizational Communication, University of Denver
BA in Communications, Kean University of New Jersey

Bob Nogueira has more than 25 years of non-profit, government, start-up, and publicly traded corporate experience encompassing roles leading call centers, training, employee communications, and human resources. He holds certifications in human resources, executive coaching, change management, and accreditation in a variety of employee development, team effectiveness, and multi-rater instruments. Nogueira is a human resources leader for Comcast, a Fortune 30 corporation with more than 8,000 employees in Colorado. Bob’s diverse organizational experience brings both a community and corporate perspective to his teaching. Bob's infectious energy and curiosity inspires others to engage and take action.

Paul Novak

Paul Novak (MA in Educational Technology, University of Northern Colorado; BA in History and Journalism; Rutgers University) is the Instructional Designer for University College at the University of Denver. Paul brings knowledge in instructional design techniques to create educational experiences in both academic and corporate settings to the classroom. He has developed face-to-face classes as well as computer and web based training incorporating a wide range of learning strategies for technical and non-technical subject matter. Students appreciate Paul’s willingness to help students and useful course materials.

Victoria O'Malley

Victoria O’Malley (MA in Publishing, Oxford Brookes University; BA in Journalism, University of Arizona) has marketing experience in non-profit, B2B, and B2C environments. As the Director of Marketing and Communications at DU’s University College and a freelance marketing consultant, Victoria brings strategic, tactical implementation, and analytics knowledge to the classroom. Students appreciate Victoria’s responsiveness and knowledge in the subject. Her ability to utilize and leverage technology is what students like best about Victoria.

Magdelana Red

Dr. Magdelana Red (PhD in Communication and Media Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder; MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin; BA in Politics from the University of San Francisco) is the Academic Director of the Communication Management program at the University of Denver's University College. She has been an instructor of Communication, Media Studies, and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder and has also taught at the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Dr. Red brings knowledge in foundational communication skills, media studies theory, and critical and cultural studies of the media to the classroom. She has published in the areas of global media, and youth and popular culture studies. To enhance the Communication Management program, she regularly engages with industry leaders in the fields of marketing communication, training, and alternative dispute resolution, frequently attending conferences, networking events and workshops. Students appreciate Dr. Red’s engagement in course discussions, and ability to push students to be deep thinkers.

Johanna Robb

Johanna Robb (MPA, University of Texas at Austin; MA in Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin; BA in History, University of California at Berkeley) is a coach and trainer at the US Department of Energy, where she implements career and professional development services. In her current position, Johanna facilitates career development workshops, manages a mentoring program and provides coaching and team building using assessment tools including the MBTI, Strengths Finder and DISC. She is a Certified Professional Coach (with the International Coach Federation), a Professional in Human Resources (PHR), a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). With her extensive professional background, Johanna's brings knowledge in federal project management, statewide meeting and workshop facilitation, instructional design and delivery, and policy development and implementation to the classroom.

Audrey Sevalt

Audery Sevalt (MSS in Applied Communication, University of Denver; BS in Management/Human Resources, Metropolitan State College) has more than 20 years of experience as a generalist in human resources with emphasis on training, employee relations, conflict resolution, global organizational change, performance management, recruiting and coaching. As the current senior human resources director in a healthcare technology first, Audrey brings knowledge of the practical implications of communication, training, and human resource theory in the dynamic world of business to the classroom. Students appreciate Audrey’s extensive knowledge of the industry and the valuable feedback provided throughout the course. Her ability to convey the teaching material by relating real-life situations is what students like best about Audrey.

Grant Simmons

Grant Simmons (MPS in Organizational and Professional Communication, University of Denver; BA in Human Communication and Minor in Leadership, Colorado Christian University) has 10 years’ experience in small group and organizational communication along with 5 years focusing on learning and talent development. Currently, Grant is the Global Talent Management Partner for ServiceSource, focusing on culture, performance management, organizational development, engagement and team effectiveness. Grant strives to communicate both basic concepts and new ideas in ways that students can apply to real life scenarios. His focus is to create a highly collaborative classroom environment and offer assignments that foster student-focused growth and development.

Nzinga Simpson

Nzinga Simpson (JD, Northeastern University School of Law; BA in English Literature, University of Colorado-Denver) is a dispute resolution manager with Qwest Communications. For over 15 years, she has been actively engaged in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution working for private sectors and government agencies such AT&T Broadband, Comcast, Qwest Communications, Colorado Department of Education and Massachusetts Department of Social Services. Nzigna brings experience in negotiations, facilitation, ethics, drafting policies and settlement agreements, and process management to the classroom.

Andrea Sisk

Andrea Sisk (Ph.D. in Human Communication, University of Denver; MA in Organizational Communication and Conflict, University of Denver; BA in Advertising, University of Florida) is a teacher, researcher and practitioner within the field of human communication studies, specializing in interpersonal, organizational and conflict communication. As a university instructor in human communication for more than a decade, Andrea brings experience in both private and public university settings and the private sector to the classroom. Students appreciate Andrea’s relevant and timely feedback, along with her enthusiasm for the subject. Her ability to actively engage in discussions and provide a fruitful experience for the class is what students like best about Andrea.

Suzanne Snider

Suzanne Snider (MS in Environmental Policy, University of Denver; MSS in Communication, University of Denver) has been with the University of Denver since 1990. As a communication educator and consultant, Suzanne owns Natural Destinations, an international ecotourism company, and has developed an award-winning Ecotourism Certificate program for the University of Denver. Suzanne’s background brings more than 20 years of experience in management and tourism to the classroom. Students appreciate Suzanne’s encouragement and scope of knowledge. Her ability lead engaging and valuable discussions is what students like best about Suzanne.

Deborah Sperlak

Deb Sperlak (JD, Chicago-Kent College of Law; BA, University of Illinois) worked as a practicing attorney for over 34 years, 7 in Chicago and 27 in Denver. Ms. Sperlak's primary areas of practice as an attorney included alternative dispute resolution, various types of litigation, commercial loans, loan workouts, title insurance, and commercial and real estate transactions. Ms. Sperlak has served as a mediator since 2004. Ms. Sperlak has also served as an arbitrator since 2008, and a conflict coach since 2014. Ms. Sperlak has worked as a mediation coach in various trainings since 2005, including mediations trainings put on by the University of Denver's University College and the Colorado Bar Association. She has coached lawyers, judges and other professionals and students. In September 2009, Ms. Sperlak was designated a citizen lawyer by the President of the Denver Bar Association for her work with the bar associations' court mediation program.

Elizabeth Suarez

Elizabeth Suarez (MBA, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business; Executive Management Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; BS in Chemical Engineering, Cornell University) is a mediator, facilitator, strategist, and trainer focusing on organizational conflict and cultural competency. A native of Puerto Rico, Elizabeth is a graduate of the prestigious National Hispanic Leadership Institute (NHLI) program as well as the Center for Creative Leadership and Leadership Denver. In 2007 she completed 40 hours of mediation training from the Colorado Council of Mediators and the Colorado Bar Association. Elizabeth brings diverse knowledge in mediation and organizational conflict to the classroom. Students appreciate Elizabeth’s effective teaching methods and informative feedback. Her ability to inspire and encourage students across industries is what students like best about Elizabeth.

Katie Sullivan

No biography available at this time. Please check back

Nolan Sundrud

Nolan Sundrud (MBA in Business and Marketing, Colorado State University; BA in Communications, Brigham Young University) has worked in branding, web presence creation, and marketing, including 10 years spent at Hewlett-Packard in executive communications, PR, and marketing. As the current senior communications consultant at Willis, Nolan brings knowledge in executive communications, advertising, company branding, sales materials, and internal communications to the classroom. He currently serves on the board of the Colorado chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) as Vice President of Finance. Students appreciate Nolan’s effective and engaging teaching style, in addition to his demonstrated deep knowledge of the materials. His ability to skillfully facilitate the course discussions is what students like best about Nolan.

Aaron Templer

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Maria van Dessel

No biography available at this time. Please check back

Melinda Weinstein

No biography available at this time. Please check back

G. Travis White

Travis White (Ph.D. in Higher Education, University of Denver; MA in Library and Information Science, University of Denver; BA in International Relations and Latin American History, University of Delaware) has worked for a series of successful (and sometimes unsuccessful) hardware and software companies since 1983. As the current owner of Travis White Strategy & Communication, Travis brings product management, communications, training, marketing, and customer service knowledge to the classroom. Travis has helped customers in many countries derive strategic value from their IT investments. Travis also led a number of branding efforts for public companies, including Software for a Changing World for J.D. Edwards and Simpler is Better for Lawson Software. He’s an expert in delivering technical information–including market positioning–to non-technical audiences. Students appreciate Travis’s responsiveness, in addition to the engaging nature of his courses. His ability to provide helpful tips and tricks for marketing (and life) is what students like best about Travis.

Paul Woods

Paul Woods (PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Houston; MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Houston; MA in Student Personnel Work in Higher Education, Ohio State University; BS in Secondary Education: Mathematics, Clarion University of Pennsylvania) is director of the Maintenance Training Academy at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) where he designs, develops, evaluates and manages training. Paul’s experience brings experience in performance measurement, organizational change, and management consulting to the classroom. Students appreciate Dr. Wood’s constructive and encouraging feedback. His ability to relay professional experiences in the field to facilitate discussions and learning is what students like best about Dr. Woods.

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