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COMM 4321 - Internet Marketing Communication

Internet Marketing enables businesses to reach a vast audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing media and enables organizations to connect and engage with specific user groups to promote their objectives.

The focus of this course is to provide a fundamental understanding of digital marketing communications techniques and how to integrate them into the traditional marketing mix. Internet strategies, tactics, measurement, and implementation will be explored. Through discussion, research, Internet searches, and evaluation of case studies and projects, students will learn about the essential elements of Internet Marketing and strategic integrated marketing communication


Spring 2015 - On campus (CRN - 4973)

Schedule Information

  • CRN: 4973
  • Instructor: Iwata, Erin
  • Credits: 4
  • Date/Time: T - 03/24 - 05/29, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Delivery: On campus
  • Location: STURM HALL 490

Required Reading:

Free e-book: e eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing (5th edition). Rob Stokes 2013 Quirk eMarketing ISBN: 978-0-620-50266-5.

Please check Canvas one week before class begins for any pre-class assignments;

If you wish to buy your books via the DU bookstore, please check their online site at "the DU Bookstore" to make sure your books are in stock before coming to campus or ordering online.

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