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COMM 4902 - Capstone Seminar

The Capstone Seminar is a graduate seminar in which students utilize the knowledge and skills gained through the degree program to create a culminating work that critically addresses a problem or issue in the degree field of study. The student will produce a paper of 7000-8000 words that presents a position on a relevant problem or issue, supports the position with professional and academic work in the field, analyzes and tests the paper position, and discusses the role of the findings within the field of study. The seminar is dependent upon collegial discussion of student research and work under the facilitation of a faculty member, and it is governed by the quality of participation and contributions of the students. The course structure, facilitated by the faculty member, guides the students through the process of independent research and writing of a capstone paper; the instructor provides intensive feedback on the capstone process and papers. Students are responsible for generating the course content through ongoing discussion of and peer feedback on the capstone process and individual papers, as well as the analysis and contextualization of focused student papers within the wider degree field of study. Students will professionally and academically communicate their findings through written work and oral presentation. Students must have: Unconditional acceptance as a degree candidate, completion of at least 40 quarter-hours (including all core courses) with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, and a B or better in MALS 4020. A final grade of B or better must be earned in this course to meet degree requirements. Students must complete the Capstone Seminar in one quarter; no incomplete grades are assigned.

Current students will find all relevant capstone information in webCentral under the "Capstone" tab.


Summer 2015 - Online/Distance (CRN - 1815)

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Required Reading:

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations. Eighth Ed. Kate Turabian. ISBN: 9780226816388.

Please check Canvas one week before class begins for any pre-class assignments;

If you wish to buy your books via the DU bookstore, please check their online site at "the DU Bookstore" to make sure your books are in stock before coming to campus or ordering online.

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