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Soc Sci: American Dream

The American Dream: Why It Still Makes Sense to Bet on America

The belief that we all have a fair chance to go as high and as far as talent will take us has been central to the American psyche for two centuries. Can we still say the same today? Amid political gridlock and growing inequality of wealth, polls show that most Americans expect a dimmer tomorrow: We fear the American Dream will not come true for our children. In preparation for the Mizel Museum lecture, Thomas Friedman: The Power of Place, author and journalist T.R. Reid reflects on our home country, and how we view it differently than those who came before us. Reid argues that the American Dream is still a reality, and will be so for generations to come. Learn why one of the nation’s most respected reporters believes it still makes sense to bet on America.

Update: The title and focus of Thomas Friedman’s presentation has changed to “Crisis and Clarity: The U.S., Middle East, and Beyond.”

Two sessions
Tue., 7–9 pm, Oct. 14, 2014
Friedman event, Sun., 7 pm, Oct. 26
CRN 1195 / $65

T.R. Reid served as The Washington Post’s bureau chief in Tokyo and London, reporting from four dozen countries on five continents. Also known for his documentary films and commentary for NPR, he’s currently working on his 10th book in English (he’s written three in Japanese, too). T.R. Reid

Partner: Mizel Museum

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