Ellen Winiarczyk

Ellen Winiarczyk is President and principal partner of Win-ar-zic & Associates a women-owned firm celebrating 11-years of leading collaborative initiatives with local, state and national nonprofit organizations, governments, educational institutions, and foundations in strategic planning, executive leadership development, research and assessment and partnership building. Ellen is masterful at designing and implementing strategic and sustainable processes that engages key people to build synergy and collective action and ideas. She actively collaborates with boards of directors, executive staff, community members, and government leaders to tackle key issues and implement action plans. She is informed by a Masters in Environmental Studies (emphasis: Tribal Natural Resources and Water Policy) and her experience working for state/local government grant making, youth corps programs and the workforce/labor field. Her work involves local, regional and national nonprofit organizations, foundations, and higher education institutions. She has been the project manager of large-scale projects for Social Policy Research Associates (Oakland, CA), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle, WA), and ETR Associates (Scotts Valley, CA). She is also an affiliate faculty at Regis University in the Masters in Nonprofit Management program and an ECO reviewer for The Corps Network.