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Prerequisite Course

focus forward class

Start with the prerequisite Planning for Change in the Third Age workshop, and then select from two courses: Revitalizing Career, or Reinventing Retirement. Can't decide which course to take? Complete both! (Additional short courses also may be available.)

Planning for Change in the Third Age Workshop

Ready for a change? This prerequisite workshop is designed around The Hudson Institute's core model known as the Cycle of Renewal™, a powerful learning tool for individuals navigating transition and change.

Students will:

  • Learn the Ten Important Considerations for a successful third age and complete a related questionnaire.
  • Learn how to navigate the Cycle of Renewal™ by making the most of where you are or to strategize a next move
  • Learn Ten Life Skills for sustaining passion and purpose
  • Link personal and professional goals to new opportunities and resources
  • Create an action plan with specific steps to chart a course in the months ahead

By the end of the workshop, students will have acquired a powerful tool for navigating transitions that can be used again and again, learned valuable life skills for sustaining purpose and passion, and developed a plan for moving forward. You will also learn about other potential resources that will best support you in moving forward. A month after completing the workshop, students will come together via conference call to discuss progress and provide support.

Cost: Two- or three-session workshop: Planning for Change in the Third Age $385. Cost includes materials fee.

Discounts: Enroll with a friend or family member in this workshop and both receive $35 off registration. Register for one of the two courses options in the same term and earn a $35 discount.


Once the Planning for Change in the Third Age Workshop is complete, participants may select from two courses:

Revitalizing Career

Looking to sustain and invigorate your current career or considering a career change? Explore your options through the Revitalizing Career course, in which students explore whether and how to stay in your current career or transition to a new one. Course prerequisite:Planning for Change in the Third Age workshop.

During this course, students will:

  • Learn strategies for actively managing career satisfaction and renewal
  • Consider new ways of working in the same career that may be a better fit for today
  • Identify talents, skills, and experience and how these can be parlayed into new opportunities
  • Explore and evaluate whether and how a career change makes sense
  • Learn about new ways of working, encore careers, and portfolio careers
  • Begin exploring and experimenting by trying out new ideas and possibilities
  • Leave with a framework, process, and resources to help one proactively manage your career and work life

Cost: Four session course: Revitalizing Career $435. Cost includes materials fee.

Reinventing Retirement

Do you want to move on to the next chapter in your life where career is no longer the predominant focus? Professionals who want to shift their focus away from a full-time career to a next chapter that may or may not include "work" of some form, will benefit from Reinventing Retirement-a course that will introduce new ways of thinking about retirement.

Students will:

  • Further explore the Ten Important Considerations for a successful third age
  • Build on your sense of purpose and passions as a guide for designing the next chapter
  • Identify personally meaningful forms of engagement outside of work including community and civic engagement
  • Explore potential outlets for your experience, skills, and passions and how to channel these into post-career avenues
  • Identify options and resources for lifelong learning and renewal
  • Begin exploring and experimenting by trying out new ideas and possibilities
  • Leave with a blueprint for this next chapter in your life

Cost: Four session course: Reinventing Retirement $435

Costs cover all of the materials necessary for the workshop and courses, including any coursepacks and required book(s). By participating in the Focus Forward program, students will also have access to DU's Career Services where you can work with a career counselor for vocational and personality type assessments and resume and interview assistance at a reduced fee.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is available! Gain a deeper understanding of your needs and explore your options one-on-one with a certified coach-a professional who will help you identify and achieve your personal and professional goals. This customized experience is tailored specifically to your needs, as you navigate the next steps in your life. Students may select the one-on-one coaching option in addition or alternative to the other transition courses offered. These one-on-one consultation sessions can take place in-person or over the phone for your convenience.

Cost: Coaching Session: Varies.

lori zahnLori Zahn founded Perceptive Leaders, a leadership development consulting company, in 2005 with a vision of helping individuals grow in personal leadership. Drawing on years of experience working in corporate environments-both as a successful senior level leader in fortune 100 companies and as a consultant to senior level organizational leadership-Lori Zahn is a seasoned organizational consultant and leadership and career coach working with individual leaders and leadership teams.

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