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The Global Human Resources master's degree concentration is offered online or on campus at the University of Denver in the evenings, or in a combination of both, to meet the needs of busy adults and prepares graduates to understand the current domestic and international economies as they relate to the global human resources profession. This concentration is ideal for HR professionals with several years of experience who are looking to challenge themselves and become more marketable by learning about the international marketplace.

Graduates are effectively prepared to face the challenges of marketing, technology, management, and finance at the global level from a strategic, competent perspective with each election, world event, software implementation, and restructuring. Practical instruction is led by professional practitioners who work in the fields they teach and work in organizations that deal with HR on a global level.

For anyone interested in applying to a global corporation, or is currently playing a key role in an organization’s transition into going global or being merged or acquired by a global organization, this concentration will benefit those interested in learning world issues, laws and trends, and HR strategy at the global level. Customize your Strategic Human Resource Management master's degree through the innovative Professional Options Curriculum using our convenient online degree builder tool, which allows you to select courses that cater to your specific career needs.

This degree prepares students to:

  • Contrast leadership models, skills, and needs

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the current global economy as it relates to the HR profession and its functions

  • Develop a greater level of personal and professional cultural competence

  • Plan and develop processes for global human resource functioning

  • Understand, contrast, and utilize best practices within domestic and global HR markets

  • Apply HR solutions to a global market

  • Explore the impact of world issues, laws, trends, and international business topics as they relate to effective HR strategy

Strategic Human Resource Management

This program prepares students to:

  • Exposure to the most up-to-date research, practices, and key strategic developments in the field of human resources
  • Expanded understanding of the global workplace and its worldwide challenges and implications
  • Enhanced capacity to integrate information and technology with HR operations and management
  • Understand and model principals of ethical and legal behavior as HR professionals operating across organizational, professional, and social settings
  • Development of critical strategic management interests and skills
  • Development of requisite knowledge for managing and developing Human Resource functions/programs within national and global paradigms
  • Enhanced capacity to understand and utilize business and financial knowledge within the HR environment and the advantages of doing so
  • Develop knowledge and skills within an HR concentration which stimulates interest and enhances professional direction and future career objectives

Required Courses

MPS in Strategic Human Resource Management with a concentration in Global Human Resources requires completion of 48 credit hours (12 courses)

Professional Foundation Courses - 12 qtr. hrs

Professional Foundations courses help students to understand the scope of activity, historical development, future direction and trends, and typical types and roles of organizations that operate within a career field.

Concentration Courses - 16 qtr. hrs (Choose 4)

Professional Concentration courses allow students to focus on a specific professional area within the larger industry sector in which they are working or wish to work, and master the skills needed to excel in that area.

Further Study - 12 qtr. hrs (Choose 3)

Further Studies Options allow students to customize their degrees to match their career needs by either choosing in-depth study in their concentration by selecting three of the following courses, or exploring other options by using our Degree Builder tool.

Additional Further Study courses available, please see Design your custom plan for complete option of Further Study courses

Core Courses - 8 qtr. hrs

The Capstone Project is the culminating academic endeavor of our degree programs, in which students explore a problem or issue within their field of study.

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Careers in Global Human Resources

Global Human Resources Director, Talent Manager, Trainer, Developer, HR Manager, Specialist, HR Generalist.

Leading, training, planning, employee relations, talent development, managing employee performance, regulating, policymaking, review and evaluation.

Overall human resources employment is expected to grow 21% by 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Organizations report that they are struggling to build a global leadership pipeline, providing an opportunity for global HR professionals to thrive. 2013 will be a big year for organizations looking to "globally localize" all strategic HR programs, according to Forbes.

Careers in Strategic Human Resource Management

Find stability in an unstable economy.
A renewed sense of optimism in the U.S. economy has restored HR professionals' confidence in the job market, according to the Jobs Outlook Survey provided by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). According to data from, job postings for human resources positions reached more than 50,000 in February 2013, primarily in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, and Washington, DC. By 2020, employment for human resources managers is expected to grow 13%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Train, develop, and succeed!
HR professionals say that the three biggest challenges facing HR executives over the next 10 years are retaining and rewarding the best employees (59%), developing the next generation of corporate leaders (52%), and creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to organizations (36%), according to data from SHRM. Professionals in the field will need to address these issues effectively and efficiently in the coming years. A shortage of HR professionals with foundational competencies and knowledge is expected, with other key skills gaps in problem solving, work ethic, written communications, and leadership. Solution-oriented HR professionals will be in high demand as optimizing the workforce within an organization and redesigning training and development are likely. Not to mention, it's essential to have efficient, talented human resource managers available to select top-notch talent from the expanded pool of job seekers.

Where are they now?
Strategic Human Resource Management alumni hold job titles such as Employment Coordinator, HR Executive Administrative Assistant, Department Administrator, Corporation Recruiter, HR Generalist, HR Director, and Area HR Manager for companies and organizations such as City of Boulder, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Proctor Gamble Paper Products Company, Cherry Creek School District, Western Union, State Farm Insurance Company, USGS, Broadmoor Hotel, ICF National Bank, Dish Network, and Sears Holdings Corporation.

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