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The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) master's degree and graduate certificate program, offered online and on campus at the University of Denver, helps IT professionals acquire and develop the practical skills needed to succeed within the information and communications technology field through hands-on, applied instruction in specialized courses designed for the busy adult. Build your business acumen and creative problem-solving skills at University College, where you gain critical insight regarding the key technology and market trends driving this rapidly changing industry, plus the advanced skills needed for success in your area of concentration. This combination of practical skills and strategic business perspective, plus the cutting-edge technical skills necessary to thrive in the field, will help you advance your career now and position you for future career growth and security.

Master's degree and graduate certificate students in the Information and Communications Technology program will develop in-depth specialized skills, receive expert instruction from professional practitioners who work in the fields they teach, and work toward an applied degree that combines the skills needed to succeed now with the strategic perspective that puts them ahead of the curve for future career growth. Aspiring and current IT professionals will benefit from targeted instruction based on professional needs, such as web design and development, mobile application development, telecommunications technology, technology management, or information systems security. We offer nine areas of concentration to uniquely meet your career objectives. Customize your Information and Communication Technology master's degree through the innovative Professional Options Curriculum, which allows you to select courses that cater to the specific needs of your career.

Along with the individual instruction geared toward IT degree seekers for their given interest, instruction will also provide valuable context for each field within information and communications technology. In the rapidly evolving world of ICT, it is vital to grasp the diverse industry fundamentals, while also gaining an insider's perspective regarding specific areas of ICT such as web and software design, technology and project management, networking, geographic information systems, and information security. Students will learn how and to what extent their area of study converges with others to give them a distinct competitive edge throughout their careers. Explore your master's degree options and customize your ICT degree for your specific career needs using our convenient online Degree Builder tool.

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Tom Tierney

As a professional in the industry, you are aware that the convergence of information and communications technology, the continued miniaturization of devices, and the emergence of rich multimedia applications delivered over high speed networks are examples of forces that are transforming the industry. These and similar forces will shape your careers. Our commitment is to provide an educational experience that not only conveys the knowledge and specific skills needed to enhance your competitive position today, but also conveys a context for continuous learning that you can rely on throughout your career. The ICT faculty and staff are committed to supporting you on your educational journey.

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