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Bachelor's Completion Admission

Admission Process

Bachelor of Arts Completion Program applications are reviewed for admission on a quarterly basis. Applicants will be notified of a decision via email and standard mail the week following the review.

Admission Application Deadlines

Summer 2018 −
Fall 2018 −
Winter 2019 −

What is due by the admission deadline? Just your online application, but to ensure timely admission decisions, all application materials should be submitted by posted deadlines.

Admission Application Deadlines for International Applicants

Spring 2018 −
Summer 2018 −
Fall 2018 −
Winter 2019 −

Please note that all items must be received by posted deadlines. The application deadline for international applicants is earlier to accommodate the extra steps required for evaluation and to allow admitted applicants to participate in the International Student Preparation Week.

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Admission Criteria

Candidates for the undergraduate degree program at University College at the University of Denver are evaluated based on the following criteria. Entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT are NOT required.

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1. Students must have completed 40 quarter hours (27 semester hours) of transferable credits in academic subjects. Applicants with between 40 and 44 quarter hours must also submit high school transcripts or official verification of the High School Equivalency Diploma (GED).

If you do not meet the transfer credit criterion, please refer to our Priority Admissions Agreement for additional options.

If you haven't met the minimum transfer credit hours, University College is happy to help you develop an action plan to meet admission requirements, through our Priority Admissions Agreement program (PAA) and Priority Admissions Agreement form. To learn more about this program, contact academic advising at 303-871-2291.

2. Students must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in previous undergraduate work.

3. Students must have at least three years of work experience beyond high school. Preference will be given to candidates with more than three years work with substantial and increasing levels of responsibility.

4. The applicant's professional commitment and written language skills are evaluated through the Statement of Purpose and Commitment, submitted as part of the admission packet.

5. We consider any special situation or circumstances that may have influenced your previous academic performance; feel free to address these in your admission essay.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for candidacy to the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program at University College, please contact academic advising by calling 303-871-2291. For a preliminary transfer credit evaluation, contact the BACP Admission Coordinator at 303-871-6148.

International student requirements

Non-U.S. citizens or non-native English speakers who wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree must meet additional requirements.

Transfer Credit Policy

Three general factors affect the transferability of credits: (Please Note: There is no time limit on the courses that do transfer. While credits do not expire, they must meet the three general factors below in order to transfer)

  • The Subject Matter: In order for a course to be eligible to transfer, the course must be comparable to a course taught at the University of Denver. Certain courses (often occupational or technical) may not transfer as a result of the subject matter
  • Accreditation: The institution where the credits were earned must hold regional accreditation. Certain courses (often occupational or technical) may not transfer as a result of the transferring institutions accreditation status
  • The Grade Earned: Only courses where a grade of C- (1.7) or better was earned will be eligible for transfer.

In addition, the following specific transfer guidelines apply:

  1. A maximum of 135 quarter hours of credit may be transferred. The final 45 credits must be earned at the University of Denver.
  2. All credits will be transferred as electives with one exception: Students who have between 96 and 135 quarter hours of credit may be able to apply some credits toward the Common Learning curriculum and Major.
  3. A maximum of 90 quarter hours may be transferred from a community college or other two-year college or institution.
  4. Semester/Quarter hour conversion: 1 semester hour is equivalent to 1.5 quarter hours.
  5. Transfer credit may be awarded for Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Courses must be in academic disciplines applicable to DU degrees and evaluated by the American Council on Education. (Maximum of 10 ACE credits can be transferred.)
  6. Only grades received at DU will be used to calculate the overall grade point average.
  7. Official transcripts (those received in sealed envelopes from the school) are required before an admissions application will be reviewed and a decision rendered. Unofficial transcripts, however, can be submitted for a preliminary transfer evaluation.
  8. A signed application and application fee of $75 must be received before final transfer credit evaluation can be done. A general overview of previous coursework can be reviewed by a University College academic advisor prior to applying.
  9. All transfer credit requests must be made during the student's first quarter of enrollment at the University College.

Steps To Apply

1. Application Form

Apply to University College

Watch this short video for instructions on how to apply

To begin the online application:

  • a. Go to
  • b. Click on create an account
  • c. Register your email address, name, and birthdate (you will receive a temporary PIN in the email address provided)
  • d. Login with your ID number and temporary PIN
  • e. Create a new passcode
  • f. Click on Start New Application
  • g. Choose the year and term you wish to apply to (please review admission application deadlines and specific program related deadlines to ensure your application is for the correct term)
  • h. Click on Open Application if the term and year information is accurate
  • i. In Program Information, choose University College
  • j. Choose your major (Some University College undergraduate majors and graduate majors have very similar names. If your degree does not appear in the drop down menu after choosing a major, please double-check the major list for the appropriate major.)
  • k. Choose your degree and concentration, if applicable
  • l. Complete the program information section and continue through the application
  • m. Submit the application (you will be redirected to the applicant status page and will receive an email indicating we have received your application)
  • n. Pay your application fee and upload supplemental documents on the applicant status page
  • o. Check your applicant status page frequently to monitor missing application materials

You should receive an automatic email after submitting your application online confirming receipt of your application, and reminding you of any missing application

2. Application Fee

A $75 non-refundable application fee is required. Pay online or by phone with a credit card or via mail by check or money order.

3. Personal Statement

Statement of Purpose and Commitment: A statement of purpose and commitment(two pages double spaced) is required. The statement should include information on how the degree will enhance career plans and meet educational goals. Sharing personal experiences, abilities, achievements, and goals is encouraged. This document has considerable influence in the decision to admit applicants with attention given to written communication skills. Please upload this through the application status page.

4. Résumé

Submit a résumé via the application status page listing your current employers and professional experiences, as well as your personal and community involvement. It should include at least 3 years of work or related experience.

5. Official Transcripts from Each Post-Secondary Institution Attended

Submit one official transcript from each college or university where two quarter hours (or one semester hour) or more were completed. This includes transcripts for credits earned as transfer work and study abroad. Transcripts may be submitted electronically or by mail. The University of Denver will consider electronic transcripts official from a domestic institution if it meets the criteria outlined by the Office of the Registrar. If your institution offers the option to send transcripts electronically using a secure service, please request them to send it to If sent by mail, official transcripts must arrive at University College unopened and in the original package in which they were mailed.

Please send transcripts to the following address:
University of Denver
University College
ATTN: Bachelor of Arts Completion Program
2211 South Josephine Street
Denver, CO 80208

Applicants with less than 45 quarter hours of college study must also submit high school transcripts or official verification of the High School Equivalency Diploma (GED).

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Start Application Process

The admissions committee reserves the right to request a phone interview and/or letters of recommendation when reviewing an admission application.

Applications for undergraduate study at the University of Denver must be submitted online (requests for accommodation may be granted).

You may skip any section calling for test scores, unless you are an international student and require submission of a CAE, TOEFL or IELTS score. Applications and fees are valid for the term for which you have applied, after which point you may be asked to submit an updated application and fee to re-activate your application file.

All materials submitted as part of any application for admission to the University of Denver become property of the University. Materials will not be copied, returned or released to the applicant or any third party.

Contact Information

University College Building
2211 South Josephine Street
Denver, CO 80208

Admission: 303-871-6148, 800-347-2042, or

Advising: 303-871-2291 or 800-347-2042
Student Support Center: 303-871-2291, 800-347-2042 (option 1), or

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