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ICT 4705 (4 credits)

AI Ethics, Policy, & Governance

This course delves into the critical aspects of AI governance, ethics, and policy. It equips students with the skills to analyze AI frameworks, develop ethical guidelines, and craft policies that drive responsible AI innovation and deployment. Students will learn to communicate complex AI issues effectively, adapting their strategies to diverse audiences and stakeholders. The course emphasizes the importance of identifying and mitigating AI risks, including biases and privacy concerns, by employing industry best practices in system design and implementation. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, students will explore how to align AI tools with organizational goals, ensuring that AI solutions not only advance technical systems but also adhere to ethical standards. Students will become informed leaders capable of shaping the AI landscape, ready to integrate ethical AI governance into their professional environments for a sustainable and ethical future in technology. Prerequisite: ICT 4700.

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