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BACP 3450 - Integrative Project Design

Through this course, students create a project design for their integrative project which is conducted and completed in BACP 3500. This course, along with BACP 3500, emphasizes B.A. Completion Program learning objectives: creativity, critical thinking, knowledge utilization, decision-making, empowerment, and effective communication. Students design a research based project, which, when the project is completed, illuminates the problem and argues for a set of activities addressing the issues and proposing a possible solution. In doing so, students draw on theories, concepts, and knowledge from several different courses in their major. Students complete the design document for the Integrative Project Report including the identification and definition of the problem, purpose of their project, setting/context for the project, an extensive literature review outline, preliminary methods of investigation, and a timeline for completion. Students leave the course prepared to begin the Integrative Project.


Spring 2018 - Online/Distance (CRN - 4761)

Schedule Information

  • CRN: 4761
  • Instructor: O'Grady, Leah
  • Credits: 4
  • Date/Time:
  • Delivery: Online/Distance
  • Location: ONLINE

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