EPM 4236 (4 credits)

Nuclear & Hydrogen Energy

Two future- and high-tech oriented energy sources are explored in this course, nuclear power and hydrogen fuel. The course covers principles used in fission energy and in nuclear power engineering, including controlled chain reactions and reactor design criteria. It also attends to issues of radioactive waste treatment and storage and the mitigation of other radiation hazards. Currently, some 20% of the United States electric power comes from nuclear plants that use low-enriched uranium as fuel, burn nothing, and emit virtually no CO2. What is the future for this form of energy? In addition to nuclear power technology, the course focuses on fuel cells and the hydrogen economy, which brings its own questions concerning cost-benefit analysis and risks. Do to these new economical, relatively "clean" energies present a way to avoid the downward trend of depleting natural resources, or do they send a siren song with the waste and safety problems they present?

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