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GIS 4670 - GIS and the Law

This course explores the legal and technical ramifications created by Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mobility and the Law, including the legal and policy issues related to the science of GIS, the sharing of geographic information, the data generated by mobile devices, the intellectual property issues, security and privacy issues, business and contractual issues related to GIS, and the standards of care and liability related to GIS. This course also examines the types of issues and concerns that exist in the U.S. and the world created by geographic information science and the mobile device. The evolution of GIS and the mobile device directly impacts governments, companies, and individuals on a daily basis. In today’s world, more than three billion people have smart phones in their hands constantly. This creates issues about how to handle data, security and privacy, civil and criminal laws, rules and regulations, contractual agreements, and service-level agreements between parties on many levels from service providers in different states, countries and parts of the world. All of these issues need to be balanced by the differing cultural standards and mores from all over the world and legal (and sometimes not so legal) methods of protecting governments and companies in this ever-changing “always-connected” world created by GIS and the mobile device. Pre-requisite: GIS-4101 Intro to GIS Recommended Pre-requisite: GIS-4700 Remote Sensing 1

warningNOTE: This course is not offered this term. Please refer to the annual schedule for Geographic Information Systems to see the next time this course is offered.

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