GLBL 3200 (4 credits)

Transportation Modes and Nodes

This course provides an overview of how transportation has driven economic development throughout the world now as well as in history and into the future. From around the world to down the street to your front door global supply chains are dependent upon fast, efficient, and dependable transportation. Whether by air, ocean, rail, track, barge, or pipeline, we are dependent upon the goods firms deliver to us daily. Students learn about the characteristics of these modes of transportation as well as the nodes of access they use including: ports, terminals, distribution centers, flow centers, cross-dock facilities, and the supply chains they serve. This course also addresses how different modes interface to create global intermodal transportation systems that efficiently move goods from origin to destination more efficiently than ever before. Whether it's a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, e-tailer, students learn how effectively managing transportation is a key factor in profitability.

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