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GS 4306 - Translation of Medical Texts for the Health Care Industry

This course covers medical terminology involving patient education, medical research, drug development, the human body and systems, major diseases, as well as the most common injuries. Students translate documents used in general medical practice and are introduced to the common roots, prefixes and suffixes in medical terminology. Translation skills are reinforced by analyzing different levels of difficulty in medical texts, by translating, and by addressing requests for editing and rewriting translated materials for patient populations and audiences of different education levels. Students practice translating medical office correspondence, informational brochures, patient letters, discharge information, hospital intake questionnaires, living wills, patient outreach/educational materials, instructions for taking medications, laboratory tests, and medical disability reports, among others. Language-specific. Prerequisites: GS 4301.

warningNOTE: This course is not offered this term. Please refer to the annual schedule for Global Affairs to see the next time this course is offered.

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