GS 4313 (4 credits)

Translation for the Publishing Industry

Most professional translators work outside the publishing industry: they work as freelancers or staff translators in business, technical, medical, legal translation--or in some other translation specialization. But when people outside our industry think of translators, it is likely they think of book translators, i.e., translators who work for the publishing industry. Working as a translator for the publishing industry may be rewarding, but in many respects it is different from the kind of work most translators are accustomed to. This course will explore such themes as the difference between working on book-length projects and shorter projects, and the difference between translations performed as ""work done for hire"" and copyrighted translations. It will look at publishing contracts, and at the difference between translating non-fiction and fiction works. It will also survey the most prominent theories of translation, past and present, to see how they apply to the translation of literature. Language-specific.

Section(s): This course is not currently offered. Please see our annual schedule for future offerings.

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