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HC 4220 - Ethical Considerations in Healthcare

This course explores ethical considerations encountered throughout the United States' healthcare industry as well as within the broader global environment. Both clinical and non-clinical scenarios will be examined. Students will learn to apply ethical principles, theories and concepts to analyze and draw conclusions for a broad range of ethical dilemmas. Through readings, class discussions and assignments, students will recognize how ethical considerations vary depending on the perspective of the stakeholder or assessor, a critical step in making ethical decisions with no single right answer.


Winter 2018 - Online/Distance (CRN - 4846)

Schedule Information

  • CRN: 4846
  • Instructor: Graham, RJ
  • Credits: 4
  • Date/Time:
  • Delivery: Online/Distance
  • Location: ONLINE

Textbooks and/or materials information for your course may be found at: ttp://

Required Textbook(s):

Textbook information to appear on the DU Bookstore website.

Pre-course Assignment: Complete the on-line “RCR training for Social, Behavioral, Educational, and Humanities” This is a time requirement of approximately three hours. The site is You can access it yourself and log in creating an account with your DU email address. ?Log on to the site. ?In the upper right corner, click on Register. ?At “Select Your Organization Affiliation”, begin to type in “University of Denver”. ? You will see the selection list appear and scroll down to find “University of Denver” and click on that link. ?Fill in the registration information and continue from there. Capture your registration information so you can easily log in if you need to return. Please feel free to contact the instructor if you have any questions on this, Please submit your certificate of completion via Canvas before the beginning of class, Week 1.

Please check Canvas one week before class begins for any pre-class assignments;

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