HC 4900 (4 credits)

Experiential Learning in Healthcare

This course is for students who want to do independent research by completing an industry project and serves as a connector between research methods and a student’s Capstone Project. The course will connect an academic research question with an experiential learning opportunity in healthcare for students as they prepare for their Capstone Project experience. Students will choose a Capstone Advisor, choose a topic, develop a thesis statement, explore project methodologies, write a proposal, and complete the necessary Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements. Students will also agree to the structure and deliverables of their projects. There is an expectation for face to face (virtual is acceptable) meetings between students and their prospective Capstone Advisor during this course. This course is a prerequisite for any students planning to complete the Capstone Project (HC 4901) as it is the beginning of the Capstone Project process. Prerequisites: approval by Academic Director, acceptance as a degree candidate, and completion of between 30-40 quarter-hours. This course meets an elective option.

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