ICT 4165 (4 credits)

Project Collaboration with SharePoint

This course focuses on the role of collaboration as a critical success factor in project planning and execution. Complex projects typically entail cross-functional teams that are often geographically distributed, culturally diverse, and require collaboration across both organizational and corporate boundaries. This course covers best collaboration practices and the use of collaborative websites to facilitate communication, create shared understanding of processes and deliverables, and apply tools to achieve successful project completion. Hands-on assignments are used to illustrate how collaborative sites allow a project team to post, edit and jointly work on documents of all types, such as project charters, project plans, WBS, requirements, budgets, schedules, procurement activities and closeout activities. Students collaborate within the course to learn how collaborative sites can be used to control project documentation and enforce the security levels associated with those documents. Students also learn how these sites can be used for such activities as assigning tasks, building a project calendar, setting up logs for gathering information, and performing other typical project management duties.

The lab portion of the course uses SharePoint as a template and shows how to set up a site to create folders, lists, task lists, calendars, and set the associated security levels. A SharePoint site will be created for each student and students will have access to both the class site and their individual sites.

Section(s): This course is not currently offered. Please see our annual schedule for future offerings.

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Per Credit: $686

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Technology Fee: $4/credit hour for each class taken for credit
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