ICT 4485 (4 credits)

NoSQL Databases

Relational database systems have been dominant in the market for over forty years, and remain so today. However, the emergence of distributed and cloud computing, as well as the increasing need for storage of large datasets, have created the need for alternate data storage solutions. A number of different models/database management systems have been developed, that as a group are being referred to as NoSQL databases. A number of large, well-known companies use such databases. Some of the companies use more than one variety of NoSQL databases. This course will examine different non-relational (NoSQL) data models, those being Key-Value, Document, Column, Graph and the Object-Oriented database models. Students will learn about advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches. The class will include hands-on experience with a representative sample of NoSQL databases. Computing developments that spurred the existence of NoSQL databases, such as big data, distributed and cloud computing, will also be discussed. Prerequisites: ICT 4300 and ICT 4405.

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