ICT 4685 (4 credits)

Cloud and Internet Law

This course explores the legal and technical ramifications and implications created by cloud computing and Internet Law. This course also examines the types of issues and concerns that exist in the US and the world by the dynamic change in software, computer networking, and cloud infrastructure. This rapid change in computer networking, data, information, Internet, and cloud architecture directly impacts governments, companies, and individuals. Issues include how to handle data, information, security, privacy, civil and criminal laws, rules and regulations, contractual agreements, and service-level agreements between parties on many levels from service providers in different states, countries, and parts of the world. It is important that all of these issues are balanced by differing cultural standards and mores from all 50 States, all over our country and all around the world, including the legal (and sometimes not so legal) methods of protecting governments and companies in this ever-changing, "always-connected" world.

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