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PWRI 4903 - Creative Capstone Seminar

The Creative Capstone Seminar is a graduate seminar in which students apply the knowledge and skills gained through the degree program to create a culminating projecting consisting of three major parts: a creative core (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or some other kind of creative writing); a researched analysis essay exploring an idea, issue, or problem that is closely related to the creative core (however, the essay is not about the creative core); and a reflection essay placing the creative core and the analysis essay in the context of the student's coursework at University College and his or her writing goals for the future. Note: For the creative core, students should not attempt a genre they have not written in at least one of their University College courses. The seminar is dependent upon students thoughtfully commenting on one another's work under the facilitation of the seminar instructor. Consistent, high-quality engagement in this process is essential. The course is structured to guide students through both the creative and analytical writing processes, with the instructor providing intensive feedback on the capstone process and papers. Students are responsible for generating the course content through ongoing discussion of and peer feedback on the capstone process and individual work, as well as the analysis and contextualization of focused student creative work and papers within the wider degree field of study. Students will professionally and academically communicate their creations and findings through written work and oral presentation. Students must have: acceptance as a degree candidate; completed at least 40 quarter-hours (including all foundations courses) with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, and, earned a B- or better in MALS 4020 Graduate Research & Writing, MALS 4915 Research in the Humanities, or PWRI 4917 Professional Research for Creative Writers. A final grade of B- or better must be earned in this course to meet degree requirements. Students must complete the Capstone Seminar in one quarter; no incomplete grades are assigned.


Winter 2018 - Online/Distance (CRN - 4868)

Schedule Information

  • CRN: 4868
  • Instructor: Zukowski, Jennifer
  • Credits: 4
  • Date/Time:
  • Delivery: Online/Distance
  • Location: ONLINE

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