SMGT 4701 (4 credits)

Topics in Security Management

The content of this course varies each time it is offered. The topics may include time-sensitive issues from the film industry, elective courses that are not scheduled regularly during the course of the year, or advanced inquiry into core-course subjects. Each time the course is offered, the specific content is announced in the quarterly course schedule. Depending on the subject matter, students may be required to have completed prerequisite courses.

Emergency Response and Residual Environmental Issues
This course will examine the root causes and emergency response to significant chemical accidents. Source materials will include the reports and investigations of the US Chemical Safety Board and the reports and enforcement actions of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Incidents that led to environmental contamination will be examined, including the questions of whether the emergency response contributed to the contamination or the magnitude of the necessary cleanup. The course will examine the regulatory roles of local, state and federal agencies in accident prevention, emergency response and environmental cleanup. The course will include: (1) visits with member of the Chemical Safety Board or a Chemical Safety Board Chief Investigator to discuss recent investigations; and (2) observations of a full-scale exercise.

Section(s): This course is not currently offered. Please see our annual schedule for future offerings.

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