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Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program connects the intellectually curious adult to DU's outstanding faculty, facilities and programming, and Denver's rich cultural community through non−credit classes. With adult education offered through short courses, lectures, seminars, weekend intensives, and evening classes, you can explore a wide range of subjects: from history and contemporary issues to science, literature and the arts—without the pressures of exams, grades or admission requirements.

Lifelong learning in the Enrichment Program allows you to discover a new interest or reengage in an old one, discuss favorite subjects with peers and scholars, explore current events, or deepen appreciation of the arts. Center your studies on what interests you. Whatever your motivation, this innovative, non-credit program is sure to stimulate your mind and reawaken your curiosity—all for the love of learning!

"I have taken over 20 DU Enrichment courses over the past ten years and they have all been exceptional. There is an endless variety of courses offered each year and the opportunity to learn from DU's distinguished faculty and guest professionals is unmatched."
−Melodye Turek

Enrichment Student - Melodye Turek

"The Enrichment Program offered at DU has been an enjoyable way for my husband and I to spend our time learning about a new topic to employ thought-provoking discussions. The classes deliver a valuable tool for receiving quality information via top notch professors or experts in the area. The classroom discussions are engaging and allow for dialogue amongst students and teachers. Thank you DU for giving us easy access to lifelong learning.”
−Christina & Scott Conley

Enrichment Student - Aris Sophocles

"I thrive on learning. It is one of the keys to personal growth and development. I believe it makes one more interested and more interesting. The world is changing, and changing quickly, and the Enrichment courses help me stay relevant and appreciate different cultures, religions, new trends, and new perspectives as well as stimulate the desire to travel."
−Tim Brown

Enrichment Student - Tim Brown

Do you find yourself curious about topics ranging from history to religion, art to politics? Do you thrive in dynamic educational settings where you're both challenged and inspired? Do you crave creative thought? Then you're in the right place! Welcome to the Enrichment Program, offering non-credit short courses for the love of learning.

Take advantage of your proximity to a world-class university—the University of Denver—and put on your thinking cap. We're here to challenge conventional thought, broaden horizons, and connect you to topics that make you stop and think, imagine and create, and sometimes even tap your toe. This special opportunity for intellectual stimulation takes place on a beautiful campus right in your own backyard (or perhaps just a quick jaunt down I-25).

You'll be surrounded by peers who are as thirsty for knowledge as you are, and you'll be led by faculty who not only really know their stuff (that's a technical term) but also appreciate the unique rewards that come with teaching engaged adults. As one DU faculty member put it: "It was the best teaching experience of my life."

Dive deep into a topic area you love during a multi-session course, discover a new passion at a one-night lecture, or gain insights into important issues of the day through panel discussions. We're opening the doors to the University of Denver and giving you access to courses designed specifically for adult learners. It's time to dedicate a moment to your own personal fulfillment and invest in lifelong learning. Ready to join us?

With appreciation,

Michael McGuire, Dean
University College

Deb Olson, Director
Enrichment Program

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Lifelong Learning

Non-credit classes offer diverse, interesting topics from politics to the arts, nature to technology. Stimulate your mind and reawaken your curiosity−all for the love of learning!