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Shaniquè Broom

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Shaniquè Jazmine Broom, based in Denver, Colorado, is an accomplished educator and scholar specializing in higher education, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With a rich work history, including roles as an Account Manager at 2U, Inc. and a Policy Researcher at Education Commission of the States, Shaniquè brings a wealth of professional experience to her role at University College. Her professional expertise encompasses qualitative and quantitative methodologies, college access for underrepresented students, and advising strategies.

In her teaching at University College, Shaniquè uniquely integrates these skills into courses such as Cultural Intelligence Through Communication, Storytelling through Research and Measurement, and Organizational Leadership Team Effectiveness, and Communication. Additionally, in Equity, Justice, and Inclusivity with Learning Design, she leverages her expertise to create meaningful connections between theory and practice.

Beyond academia, Shaniquè’s consulting experience and role as the Founder and Executive Coach of Shan Broom Coaching underscore her dedication to personal and professional development. Her unique teaching approach at University College reflects a holistic perspective, emphasizing cultural intelligence, equity, and the practical application of theories, preparing students for the complexities of the modern professional landscape.

Shaniquè holds a B.A. in Psychology from Central Michigan University, an M.A. in Higher Education from Central Michigan University; a certificate of college teaching from Central Michigan University and a Doctor of Psychology in Higher Education with a concentration in race and ethnicity from University of Denver.