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Nicole Chavarria

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Marie N. Chavarria, M.S. in Human Resource Management, is an esteemed educator who has been imparting knowledge in the realms of human resources management, business management, and organizational behavior since 2010. With over 15 years of rich professional experience, Nicole skillfully blends practical application with academic theory, breathing life into classroom concepts.

Her teaching philosophy centers on creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment, where engaging directly with students is paramount. Nicole believes that learning thrives through active scholarly inquiry, encouraging her students to cultivate critical and creative thinking while contributing to the generation of new knowledge.

Beyond the classroom, Nicole is deeply committed to fostering sustainable partnerships with local and global communities, contributing to the common good through active collaboration. Her affiliation with the Society for Human Resources Management and the American Management Association underscores her dedication to staying at the forefront of her field. Nicole’s passion for teaching and her commitment to advancing academic integrity make her a valuable asset to the educational community.