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George Benscoter


George Benscoter (also known as Bud) has over thirty-five years of experience in the instructional design and performance improvement fields. He as served as both an internal and external consultant for a variety of industries, including the computer and financial services sectors. He also has over thirty years of graduate teaching experience.


George holds a BA degree in French from Gover City (PA) Collete and a Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy from Penn State University.

Professional Background

After twelve years of high school teaching experience, George received his Master and Doctorate in Instructional Design from Penn State. He then worked in a variety of consulting roles as well as serving as a Training Manager for a financial services company. In 2002,, he started his own business and provided performance improvement and training services for companies including Toyota, Campbell Soup, Godiva, Astra Zeneca and Siemens Corp.

In addition, George has taught graduate courses in instructional design and business for Duke University, Wharton, Boise State, Wilmington (DE) University, George Mason University, UNC Greensboro and Penn State.

Motivation for Teaching

George’s main goal in his teaching experience has always been to focus on the practical application of whatever discipline he is responsible for. While theory is an important grounding in understand a field of study, the ultimate objective is to acquire skills that can help others improve their performance and their lives in general.