Joseph Kerski


Joseph Kerski (Ph.D, University of Colorado) is geographer focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in education. Joseph was Pres. of the Natl C for Geo Educ and gave TED Talk on Whys of Where. He served as geographer in NOAA, US Census Bureau, USGS, academia (Sinte Gleska Univ, Univ of Denver, Penn State, Elmhurst College), private industry (Education Manager for Esri), and nonprofit organizations (Natl Council for Geog Education, AAG). Joseph authored > 75 chapters, created 5,000 videos, 750 lessons, 1,000 essays, books - Spatial Thinking in Enviro, Interpreting Our World, Essentials of Enviro, Spatial Math, Tribal GIS, Int'l Persp on Lrng, & GIS Guide to Data.