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Mark Entrekin

Contact Info


Mark Entrekin is a longtime Informational Technology (IT) professional with over 30 years of experience in building IT from a continually growing list of acronyms to a true solution provider that is understood by everyone impacted. His education and experience have supported him through many areas of technical delivery to presenting, speaking, training, and writing about IT for the customer’s benefit. Mark is reality-focused as he builds from yesterday’s Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) to today’s Agile (Iterative) framework. He shows how continual process improvement, enforced through the Agile Manifesto, can benefit us in our personal lives as well as professionally.

Professional Background

Mark currently serves as the CEO and owner of Reality Focused Dynamics, LLC where he leads the company in management consulting, senior Agile coaching, senior program/project management, professional speaking and coaching. He leads corporations in cost-effective processes that provide the greatest ROI based on distinct requests and expectations through clear communication and collaboration from the technical teams, the customer, and senior leadership. His professional speaking and coaching are currently focused on achieving unity by ending anger, hate and prejudice, personally and professionally, as they are costing us personally and in the workplace.


Mark earned his M.A. in Organizational Management and B.S. in Business Information Systems from the University of Phoenix in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Motivation for Teaching

Mark has a passion for clear collaboration and communication to bridge the gap between memorizing information to developing a true understanding of how to put the knowledge to use in a positive, productive environment where everyone benefits.

Helping Students Be Successful

Mark teaches the latest techniques in IT and business using real-life examples from the business world about how to instill continual process improvement. Simplicity is our goal as we maximize work not done (waste) and build solutions around motivated individuals. We want to welcome improvements on an ongoing basis while reviewing all accomplishments through retrospectives that clarify what went right, what did not work and where we can focus our concentration to correct what is not working.