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Melanie Witt

Contact Info


Melanie Witt is a longtime faculty member at DU. She has 15+ years experience working in higher education and has been involved with teaching, pre-service and in-service teacher training, curriculum development, and assessment.


Melanie earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver, a Master’s in English and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Colorado State University and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the University of Hawaii.

Professional Background

Melanie currently teaches for University College, Moridge College of Education and Red Rocks Community College. She has taught communication and research at five colleges in Colorado for the US Department of State and Georgetown University at Tianjin University of Traditional Medicine. She is a leader in working with and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Additionally, Melanie had careers in public relations and photography.

Motivation for Teaching

Melanie has an immense sense of wanderlust and has greatly enjoyed experiencing traveling and living abroad. Her love for communication and connection with the world and community led to her career in education.

Helping Students Be Successful

Melanie is passionate about fostering meaningful relationships with her students and is hopeful that promoting greater self-awareness will catapult her students into loving and appreciating their own strengths, weaknesses and beauties. She hopes to create a safe and brave space for her students to explore their own sense of wonder and passion while developing independent, critical thinkers and communicators. Melanie believes educators have a responsibility to promote cross-cultural awareness, appreciation, and tolerance in addition to discipline specific learning. She is hopeful the relationship between educators and students leads to mutual growth and transformation.