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Global Affairs


Gain an advanced understanding of how to work across cultures effectively, recognize global structures to make intelligent business decisions, and leverage the context of history and culture to better meet the needs of an organization, client, or business partner in the Global Affairs program.

Whether studying to understand the world at large in the context of history and culture or international business, or gaining credentials in translation studies, you will gain the communication tools and contextual background necessary to succeed in politics, business, international relief, professional translation, and beyond. By learning to address both contemporary and future challenges, you will become a strategic leader on the global stage as you interact with organizations and individuals to achieve your objectives.

Global Affairs Outcomes

This program prepares students to:

  • Define and discuss globalization in terms of business, culture, government, and major issues
  • Define culture and assess cultural differences
  • Navigate international legalities of working globally
  • Research cultural traditions and regional histories to holistically describe and work within another culture in a context of global affairs
  • Compare the diverse interpersonal relationship styles of various cultures and their impact on communication, trade, politics, and human discourse
  • Gain sensitivity to and be able to discuss different perspectives as they are influenced by national origin, cultural identification, varying levels of economic success, and divergent methods of political interaction; and
  • Be attentive to the global nature of 21st century human interaction in future international friendships and business dealings

Director's Message

Alison Nishi

In the Global Affairs program, students learn how global governance and organizations operate. They explore today's global issues and how the world has developed into its present state. Throughout the curriculum, they examine how culture, language, and intercultural interactions play a role in both global and local undertakings. Students bring their interests and experience to the ongoing conversation and learn not only from the great global experience of their instructors, but also from each other. We invite you to join us in our quest for global knowledge and understanding to further professional and personal growth.

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