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The Global Affairs master's degree and graduate certificate are offered online or on campus at the University of Denver in the evenings, or in a combination of both, to meet the needs of busy adults seeking a comprehensive, forward-thinking education on global issues in order to work across cultures effectively. In our globally integrated economy and society, an understanding of foreign affairs and global structures, along with the elements that make them up, is imperative for professionals to make intelligent business decisions. Whether you're studying to understand the world at large in the context of history and culture or international business, or you're gaining credentials in Spanish-English translation studies, the Global Affairs program offers foundational courses that cover international studies, global organization and governance, as well as skills in cultural assessment and communication.

Classes are led by professional practitioners who work in the fields they teach, providing global affairs students the communication tools and contextual background necessary to succeed in politics, foreign affairs, international relief, business, professional translation, and beyond. Students choose a concentration area in which they further explore the global affairs that present contemporary and future challenges, in master's degree or certificate concentration areas such as Global Issues, World History and Culture, or Translation Studies if they have proficiency in Spanish and English. Combining a Global Affairs degree or graduate certificate with related or flexible courses of study can lead to interesting careers, whether you choose to take alternative dispute resolution, emergency planning and response, or project management courses, you can customize your degree to suit the needs of your career. Students culminate their Global Affairs degree with a relevant capstone project, effectively showcasing their overall course of study in global issues.

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Alison Nishi

In the Global Affairs program, students learn how global governance and organizations operate. They explore today's global issues and how the world has developed into its present state. Throughout the curriculum, they examine how culture, language, and intercultural interactions play a role in both global and local undertakings. Students bring their interests and experience to the ongoing conversation and learn not only from the great global experience of their instructors, but also from each other. We invite you to join us in our quest for global knowledge and understanding to further professional and personal growth.

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