What is University College?

Welcome to the college of continuing and professional studies at the University of Denver, a top-ranked university. As one of 10 colleges at the University of Denver, University College offers career-focused content for busy adults.

Continuing Education for Working Adults

Start stacking your skills and your credentials. The applied skills you cultivate at University College last a lifetime, and the benefits just keep on giving.

Career-Focused Learning

A career-focused curriculum helps elevate your current career or prepare you for new opportunities in the evolving workplace.

A Message from Dean Michael McGuire

Hello, I'm Michael McGuire, the dean of University College at the University of Denver.It's an exciting time to be leading the college professional and continuing studies as higher education continues to adapt to the changing needs of career-focused adults. Now more than ever, employers in the marketplace are seeking a confident and competent workforce with specialized knowledge, along with essential interdisciplinary skills like critical thinking, decision making, communication, and creativity.Those are the essential skills you develop at University College, no matter your program of study.At University College, you'll have the latest tools and technology at your fingertips.In 2014, we implemented a new learning management system called Canvas that enhances teaching and learning. In the coming year, we will begin expanding hybrid course offerings where students attend classes on campus some weeks and other weeks online. And begin experimenting with other course formats as online and face-to-face environments continue to merge for improved learning experiences. Whether you recently joined us or you're about to graduate, on behalf of the faculty and staff, I want to thank you for being a part of the University College community.
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Our Mission

Our Mission

To deliver enduring professional growth and personal development by providing adult learners access to the University of Denver through alternative educational pathways.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Honor the individual: we meet others where they are; work inclusively; and embrace diversity of thought, background, and perspective
  • Champion learning: we know first-hand the powerful outcomes that result when education extends over a lifetime
  • Transform lives: we make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of others
  • Work together: for us, this begins with the cultivation of mutual understanding and extends to collaboration and collective ownership of results
  • Pursue excellence: we go the extra mile to deliver exemplary educational offerings and service to others

Diversity at University College

University College embraces inclusive excellence through its commitment to equality of opportunity, inclusiveness, fairness, mutual respect, and dignity in all its professional and academic endeavors. We value all differences, visible and invisible, including age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio- economic background, and other critical social dimensions. We fulfill our commitment to inclusive excellence through communication, action, and cultural awareness. We reject behavior that is not compatible with this vision.

University College builds an educational community that embodies values of inclusivity and diversity. We embrace a commitment to inclusive excellence by fostering a welcoming environment for our diverse students, staff, and faculty to learn and grow. We embed the values of diversity and inclusivity in all our programs: lifelong learning opportunities and varied curricular offerings. University College fosters a learning culture, where questions are expected; information and wisdom are shared; and community members respectfully challenge each other's perspectives and engage in personal reflection. We celebrate our successes, measure our progress, and realize our goals through collective action. We strive to be culturally aware of our behaviors; aim to ignite continuous growth within each individual; and seek to enhance our impact on students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the greater community.