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Master’s Concentration

Marketing Communication

Create integrated marketing campaigns that are driven by strategic objectives, reach clearly defined audiences, and deliver desired results. You’ll discover the power of brands and determine how to craft, deploy, and measure campaigns from start to finish. Receive hands-on experience as you evaluate traditional and digital marketing communication tactics and dig deep into marketing trends: social, mobile, email, search, and more.

Earn a graduate degree and certificate at the same time.

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Classes Begin
June 17

Term Length
10 Weeks

Master's Degree

As few as 18 months

Top-Ranked University

U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Brian Cicero

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Skills You’ll Learn

Design, manage, and measure persuasive digital marketing campaigns

Assess the current scope and predict future trends in marketing

Prove ROI by measuring the impact of communication efforts


Master of Arts in Communication Management with a concentration in Marketing Communication requires completion of 48 credit hours (12 courses).



Core Courses




Elective Courses

Core Courses

Learn the scope of activity, historical development, and future direction of the industry. These courses provide a foundation that you'll draw on throughout your concentration and elective courses. The capstone serves as the culminating academic experience in which you'll explore a problem of practice in your field of study.

COMM 4045 Applied Critical Thinking in Communication
COMM 4900 Communication Inquiry, Analysis, and Trends
COMM 4905 Storytelling through Research and Measurement
COMM 4920 Portfolio Capstone
Concentration Courses

Focus on a specific professional area within the larger industry sector and master the skills needed to excel in that area.

COMM 4010 Business Insights for Communicators
COMM 4140 Marketing Strategy and Process
COMM 4301 Brand Management Strategies
COMM 4321
Integrated Digital Marketing
COMM 4324 Marketing Analytics
Elective Courses

Popular electives for students in the Communication Management program include:

COMM 4035 Cultural Intelligence through Communication
COMM 4306 UX Strategies and Methods
COMM 4307 Developing Content for UX
COMM 4308 UX Team Management
COMM 4318 Mobile Marketing
COMM 4320 Social Media Strategy
COMM 4325 Search Marketing

Elective courses may be chosen from among non-core and concentration courses in the academic program, and you may also select courses in other University College graduate programs. Your academic advisor will help you select electives that align with your career and personal goals.

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Plan out your schedule and determine your preferred timeline for completing your master's degree—finish in as few as 18 months or take up to five years.

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Year 1 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
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Classes 1 1 1 1

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Search and Mobile Marketing

Badge Requirements

Complete the following two courses with a grade of A− or above:

COMM 4325 Search Marketing
COMM 4318 Mobile Marketing



Digital Content Strategy & Optimization

Badge Requirements

Complete the following two courses with a grade of A− or above:

COMM 4320 Social Media Strategy
COMM 4321 Integrated Digital Marketing



Data-Driven Storytelling

Badge Requirements

Complete the following two courses with a grade of A− or above:

COMM 4324 Marketing Analytics
COMM 4905 Storytelling through Research and Measurement



Strategic Marketing & Brand Management

Badge Requirements

Complete the following two courses with a grade of A− or above:

COMM 4140 Marketing Strategy and Process
COMM 4301 Brand Management Strategies



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Career Outcomes

Predicted outcomes for graduates of Marketing Communication

Projected employment growth within the marketing industry is expected to increase by 10% through 2030, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
A report done by University College and the Business Marketing Association of Colorado found that 46% of hiring managers say that their hiring pools are smaller than they like. The report also found that hiring managers are looking for candidates with a comprehensive skillset including content marketing, marketing automation, data analysis, and email marketing.
U.S. News & World Report ranks Marketing Manager #1 on their “Best Sales and Marketing” job list for factors such as job market, upward mobility, and salary.

Job Titles

Director of Marketing
Communications Director
Digital Marketing Specialist
Director of Marketing and Communications
Brand Manager
SEO Strategist
Web Analyst

Director of Marketing Salary: National Average



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Theme: Job Satisfaction

Communication Management

“I think the return on investment for me is very tangible. It helped me get a higher-level role and it helped me secure a better life for myself.” —Martha Brown, graduate.

Flexible Online Classes


We understand the demands of balancing work, friends and family, and school can be challenging. That's why at University College, you can complete your program entirely online. Our online learning platform makes it easy to work anywhere at any time.

Online Experience5

Advisory Board

Our programs are developed and updated with the input of advisory boards composed of industry leaders and employers. This ensures that you'll learn what employers are looking for, and gain the most current information with a view to future industry trends, connecting you to future success.
DU Badge wide

Megan Castle

Communications Manager, Department of Transportation

DU Badge wide

Erin Iwata

VP, Digital Marketing Heinrich Marketing

DU Badge wide

Rich Khleif

Senior Director-Communications, Connections, & Customer, Insights Oracle

DU Badge wide

Lora Ledermann

Scream Agency

DU Badge wide

Andy Mountain

President, GBSM

DU Badge wide

Bob Noguiera

Director Human Resources, West Division Comcast Cable

DU Badge wide

Julie Reeves

Vice President Marketing, Rachio



Higher Learning Commission

University College programs maintain the highest level of accreditation offered by The Higher Learning Commission, one of the regional accrediting bodies recognized by the federal government. The University of Denver and all of its academic programs are regionally accredited by this commission, and regional accreditation is the highest standard for universities in the United States.

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