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Digital Badges

University College badges help you acquire industry-aligned skills quickly, and all badge courses apply to a master’s degree at University College.

University College Badges

University College offers the following four badges:

DU Badge wide

Cybersecurity Foundations in Application Security

DU Badge wide

Cybersecurity Foundations in Healthcare

DU Badge wide

Cybersecurity Foundations in Database Security

DU Badge wide

Search and Mobile Marketing

What is a badge?

A badge visually represents skills you’ve learned and is also a digital repository of those skills.

University College badges consist of two graduate courses. When you complete requirements for a badge, you receive a digital badge that you can display on your resume and on social media to communicate your professional acumen. You’ll also receive an online link that details and verifies your badge and the skills you learned, including:

  • Date the badge is issued.
  • The skills verified by the badge and the requirements for earning the badge.
  • Whether the badge meets any outside accrediting standards.
  • Evidence of skills or knowledge earned (example: a report or project completed).

Why a badge?

Badges are unique in that they communicate specific skills you learned, and in doing so can help you stand out and be more marketable to employers. You can share your badge on LinkedIn, on your digital resume, in online job applications, and in electronic portfolios.

Badges are also a quick way to deepen your existing skills, acquire new skills, or explore your interests prior to committing to a master’s degree or graduate certificate.

How much does a badge cost?

Each badge consists of two graduate courses. You may access current graduate tuition here.

How do I earn a badge?

If you are interested in pursuing a badge, contact Stuart Boyd, Assistant Director of Enrollment, at 303-871-4965 or Stuart.Boyd@DU.edu or complete the badge request form. If you are a current University College graduate student, please contact your academic advisor.