Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Denver (OLLI at DU) is an adult learning membership program designed for inquiring adults, age 50 and "better," who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere. Thanks to the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at DU joins a network of more than 120 institutes across the U.S. that are helping older learners find personal fulfillment.

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Where Curiosity Never Retires

Community education at an adult learning center helps imaginations thrive and at OLLI at DU, curiosity never retires! Our OLLI members and class facilitators exchange ideas, build on their knowledge, and discover new friends. Join us as we bring learning to life in a friendly, enriching environment.

Proudly Serving Denver for 25+ Years

Do you ever dream of learning for the joy of it? Have you ever wondered how the universe works how the earth was formed? Have you wondered about the night sky? Have you accomplished what you wanted to do then wonder what are you doing for the rest of your life? OLLI is going back to school with a wonderful difference no grades, tests, or pressure—just experiencing the joy of learning with other diverse curious and active individuals. OLLI is a vibrant, creative, and active community and by participating you are tapping into the intellectual treasures of friends and neighbors. Join with those who want to teach and share what they love. OLLI members are men and women 50 and better who reflect the diversity of our society yet each offers something magical with their peers their unique life experience. OLLI brings mature adults with a passion for continued learning and intellectual growth together in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere to study and learn. They enjoy the camaraderie with others of diverse interests and have fun sharing their knowledge and insights with mature and intelligent students, drawn from all walks of life. When you participate you get a great learning experience with a modest cost. No academic or other credentials are required, only a passion for learning and a desire to participate in a small group environment. Those who lead the classes, the course facilitators, are recruited from the membership and share their expertise and interests while also serving as fellow learners. There's an extraordinary list of subjects available at OLLI: over 100 courses a year in the Denver area the courses cover things from today's headlines or are focused on gleaning great ideas from the great works of the past. The topics are carefully balanced to explore new interests and discover and develop latent abilities. There are hot topic lectures each term given by knowledgeable professionals, there are workshops devoted to specific interests of the members, and unique programs during the year devoted to topics of immediate interest to the community. At OLLI, we always strive to create a mentally stimulating program that provides a means for you to use your talents, experiences, and skills creatively and share intellectual and cultural pursuits while respecting diversity of thought in a relaxed, supportive, and academic environment. OLLI students seek intellectual stimulation and enjoy examining new ideas and experiences in the company of like-minded peers pick up where you left off or explore that road not taken. Give that interest you put off a second chance. OLLI is the health club for the mind—it is brain fitness for life!

Who are OLLI members?

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and professions and share the desire to stay intellectually active and engaged. No one is a stranger for long at OLLI because everyone who joins has the same desire to learn and share expertise in the company of peers.

What does OLLI offer?

Classes cover academic subjects in history, music, political science, writing, literature, philosophy, science, religion, global issues, and more. Workshops and seminars expand the OLLI academic curriculum for adults. OLLI sites around the Denver metro area offer classes where members participate in interactive learning.

When are classes held?

Lifelong learning through OLLI meets for three eight-week terms during the year. The fall session begins in mid-September, the winter term begins in mid-January, and the spring term at the end of March. Each class meets weekly for two hours either in the morning or afternoon for four, six, or eight week periods.

How are classes taught?

Most discussion classes are facilitated by OLLI members who have the professional knowledge of, or a scholarly interest in, a subject. Some are lecture classes taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders, and independent scholars.

OLLI Site Locations

Map of all OLLI locations.

Enrollment Deadlines

See below for when catalogs will be posted and classes begin.

Enrollment Deadlines
Enrollment Term Classes Begin
  • Enrollment Term
  • Fall 2022—Catalog posted August 1, 2022
  • Classes Begin
  • September 12, 2022
  • Enrollment Term
  • Winter 2023—Catalog posted November 14, 2022
  • Classes Begin
  • January 9, 2023
  • Enrollment Term
  • Spring 2023—Catalog posted February 20, 2023
  • Classes Begin
  • March 27, 2023

Visit the OLLI registration site to pursue our course offerings and to register.

OLLI Membership

About OLLI Membership

To join the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Denver and start connecting with like-minded peers who seek enriching educational opportunities, simply register for classes and become a member of this lifelong learning organization.

Membership Benefits

  • Take classes at any or all of the OLLI locations.
  • Participation in as many classes, workshops and seminars as desired (space available).
  • Reduced price participation in OLLI sponsored events.
  • Receipt of the OLLI newsletter three times per year. Sign Up today.
  • Notice of non-advertised DU events (usually at no cost because of being affiliated with DU).
  • Invitations to social events.
  • OLLI Membership Card that allows participation and discounts at DU and the community.
  • Use of the DU library at the Anderson Academic Commons. *Benefit temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions for campus facilities.
  • What about homework? The beautiful part about lifelong learning is you can do as much or as little in each course. There are no grades. Many facilitators will send out readings or recommend a book to accompany their course. Some many even have you watch a video on your own.

Hear from Our Members

Membership Cost

Two types of memberships

  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (only available in the fall): The fee is $400 per year for unlimited in-person and online courses during the fall, winter and spring terms so long as space is available. The annual membership also includes registration for the four Fall Recess webinars and ten Summer Shorts webinars (currently $10/webinar) and discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events.
  • TERM MEMBERSHIP: The fee is $140 per term for unlimited courses (in-person and online) as long as space is available. Membership also includes discounts to local area restaurants, museums, and events.

Are there additional costs? Some courses may have an extra fee for required materials. Some courses recommend books to be used with the class.



As a membership organization, OLLI at the University of Denver functions and thrives because of volunteer support. Members facilitate classes, act as class assistant, form curriculum, promote membership, and contribute to marketing. Contact an OLLI manager to express your interest!

OLLI WorldView


As the world becomes more integrated, OLLI at DU is pleased to offer the WorldView program. Each year, this program brings focus on one country: the history, the food, the conflicts, and the relationship with the U.S. The year culminates with an international trip to the WorldView country for our members.

Giving to OLLI

Our Giving Program

OLLI at DU continues to thrive through the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation, the University of Denver, and most importantly, our generous OLLI members. We are grateful for the strong support of our members! The University of Denver planned giving program offers options such as gifts of stock, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, bequests, and retirement plan assets. For more information, please contact the Office of University Advancement at the University of Denver at 303-871-2739.

  • Please send checks to:
  • 2211 South Josephine Street
  • Denver CO 80208

Please indicate if you want your donation to go to a specific OLLI site (Central, South, West, East, Boulder) or to the general OLLI fund.

Contact Information

OLLI Central
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OLLI at DU General Office
  • Office Address
  • 2211 South Josephine St.
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