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In the Professional Creative Writing program, you’ll find a supportive community of writers as you work through the entire writing process: from research to first draft, manuscript submission to publication. You’ll learn how to reach an audience with your writing and build a brand around your passion and persona. Craft an extensive portfolio of writing throughout the program and, as part of your culminating project, submit a completed written work. Leverage your passion and differentiate yourself within the diverse community of writers with a master’s or certificate from the Professional Creative Writing program.

Professional Creative Writing Outcomes

This program prepares students to:

  • Craft writing with a keen awareness of the limits and opportunities of the writing's genre
  • Cultivate writing routines and habits that support creative productivity
  • Develop a sophisticated knowledge of literary structures and reader expectations
  • Apply professional editing standards to evaluate both published writing and writing for your peers
  • Assess your own writing and learn how to enhance its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses
  • Define your audiences and write in ways that move and entertain them

Note: Courses in the University College MA in Professional Creative Writing cannot be applied to satisfy degree requirements for University of Denver programs in the English Department.

Director's Message

Joe Hutchison

Welcome to the Professional Creative Writing Program! We are excited to offer courses based on the conviction that good creative writing is rooted in two important activities: (1) deep reading in both the tradition and in the contemporary scene, and (2) the sharing of honest, insightful responses to the work of fellow students in a supportive workshop atmosphere. Our faculty of published writers who are also experienced instructors work to ensure that all our graduates have the tools they need to succeed at writing well and positioning themselves to publish in the genres closest to their heart.

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