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Human resource professionals are at the forefront of driving value for their organization and influencing overall performance by leveraging an organization’s most important asset: people. The Strategic Human Resource Management program focuses on how to think strategically about managing an organization’s human assets, and developing essential skills and techniques for implementing HR programs and policies to achieve competitive advantage.

The rigor of our HR degree provides a strong background in human resource processes, theory, and practice that adds value to your career today and into the future. You’ll explore the functions of HR that keep organizations vital such as talent acquisition, performance analysis, training, employee relations, and compensation.

Strategic Human Resource Management Outcomes

This program prepares students to:

  • Exposure to the most up-to-date research, practices, and key strategic developments in the field of human resources
  • Expanded understanding of the global workplace and its worldwide challenges and implications
  • Enhanced capacity to integrate information and technology with HR operations and management
  • Understand and model principals of ethical and legal behavior as HR professionals operating across organizational, professional, and social settings
  • Development of critical strategic management interests and skills
  • Development of requisite knowledge for managing and developing Human Resource functions/programs within national and global paradigms
  • Enhanced capacity to understand and utilize business and financial knowledge within the HR environment and the advantages of doing so
  • Develop knowledge and skills within an HR concentration which stimulates interest and enhances professional direction and future career objectives

An Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute

Human Resource Certification Institute

The University of Denver University College is an Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Each course in the Strategic Human Resource Management curriculum is approved for 48 recertification hours of General, Strategic, or International credit with HRCI. Upon successful completion of the course, human resource professionals may apply the credit earned towards their Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification. HR professionals are required to earn 60 recertification credits every three years to continue their designations with HRCI. To recertify in the SPHR designation, 15 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be Strategic credit. To recertify in the GPHR designation, 30 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be International credit.

Director's Message

Pat Greer

Thank you for visiting the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) page. Human resources professionals are responsible for people and processes, leading to successful organizational outcomes, and meeting competitive challenges. It can be a busy, wonderful, and empowering profession. University College's SHRM program offers knowledge about theory and applications for experienced human resources (HR) professionals, people new to HR, career changers, and those managers who know the value of understanding HR roles and functions. Whether your interests lie in the critical role of HR management or in the fascinating world of global HR, this program offers ideas to provide the environment to retain and attract the best employees. I look forward to sharing this program with you!

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