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The Healthcare Leadership master's degree and graduate certificate programs at the University of Denver provide a powerful combination of practical leadership skills and a strategic perspective of the healthcare industry, which equips graduates to lead and truly make a difference in this field. Graduates are prepared to compete in a value-driven system as they learn collaborative and integrative techniques that drive high-quality, cost-effective care for patients. As the US healthcare system continues to evolve, students in the Healthcare Leadership program are educated in change leadership and learn to employ strategic methodologies and innovations that help them lead through change. Students learn foundational principles that not only help them compete in the marketplace today, but continue to aid them throughout their careers within the healthcare industry.

Graduates are uniquely qualified to assume strategic healthcare positions in leadership roles within the broad and dynamic field of healthcare as they are taught a variety of leadership principles, ethical applications, and healthcare theories and practices. Healthcare Leadership students will compare and contrast technological solutions to current healthcare issues and systems, as well as examine effective responses to national and global healthcare risks. They will explore innovative medical information technology, availability of treatment, and overall affordability of healthcare at a micro and macro level, as well as learn how to shape policies and facilitate communication between varying divisions.

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Irene Frederick

Welcome to the Healthcare Leadership program-designed to meet the growing need of healthcare professionals, or those transitioning to healthcare careers, to acquire the skills to address the challenges of healthcare reform. Four concentration areas with ample elective options allow you to design a degree program for your particular needs. You will have the opportunity to meet and study with faculty actively involved in an array of healthcare related industries, as well as a diverse student body who bring their own work and educational experiences to the table. Healthcare today is no longer merely the small private practice, rather a complex, evolving industry. Opportunity exists to take your current position to the next level or to adapt a prior career to coordinate with healthcare. Courses are designed to educate you in the business, legal, policy, and technological topics emerging in healthcare today. Collaboration with the other master programs further expands course offerings into such areas as global health, expanded information technology, and organizational expertise. Join us as we educate a new generation of healthcare leaders.

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