Your Online Learning Experience

At University College, courses are offered 100% online or in the evenings on campus at the University of Denver. We respect your commitment of time, resources, and energy, and we are dedicated to providing programs that are flexible to meet your needs.

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Why we believe in an online education

The mission of University College is to provide access to education at the University of Denver, and we believe online coursework helps deliver this mission. It's flexible, convenient, and as rigorous as traditional delivery methods.

All the ways you can learn online

Choose the delivery mode that best meets your needs. You can switch your format for each class, so you can stick with one delivery mode or try multiple modes during your time at University College.
  • 100% Online
    With 24/7 access to course content, you can log on anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • Hybrid
    Hybrid courses meet half online and half on campus, providing the flexibility you need to maintain a school-work-life balance.
  • HyFlex
    Here's your opportunity to come to campus or log on from home at specific class times—it's up to you!

Online Education

University College really facilitated my schedule to be able to offer classes when I needed them - when it was convenient for me to take. That was a perfect marriage of what my schedule already looked like and what it could be based off of the flexibility of the program. It was very important for me to be able to do my work and study at the same time. University College helped me to achieve that. You get that interaction and collaboration with your classmates, but you also have the convenience of being able to do the online courses when it works for your schedule. I did work in Cuba... I think I did some work in Paris at one point. I can be in a hotel room connected to Wi-Fi chatting with my peers on the online platform. So, that was really, really helpful for me to be mobile and not feel the stress of having be somewhere and it was actually a lot of fun as well to wake up somewhere new and to be able to engage in that work back home. Some people really wonder if online courses stand up to the same caliber as being in front of a professor. You're learning the exact same material. The online portion was really engaging, much more engaging than I thought it would be. We had some instructors who would do video lectures or live interaction. The instructors were engaging, the course work was challenging, but you were able to do it online and still learn the same stuff I would have learned by going to a classroom. Even though I was online in a completely different state or travelling for work there was always somebody there to help me. You start to build a natural, online comradery and you’re using each other as supports as you normally would in a traditional class, so there definitely is a community that’s formed.

Top FAQs

Do online classes meet at specific times?

No, online classes are asynchronous which means there is no designated time to log in.

What is a HyFlex course?

A HyFlex course meets online and on campus at the same time, giving students the option of attending class face-to-face on campus or online (or a combination of both). To learn more about this course delivery option, watch the video explanation.

Is every program offered online?

Yes, every graduate program and the bachelor's completion program can be completed entirely online without ever coming to the University of Denver campus (though we hope to see you at graduation!).

Are there additional fees to take online classes?

No, all classes have a $4 per credit technology fee whether the class is offered online or on campus.

Canvas, Your Online Learning Platform

The University of Denver uses the learning management system Canvas, which offers an intuitive interface for accessing course content. From embedded videos to interactive presentations, dynamic discussion boards to real-time chat, Canvas delivers your course via the web or downloadable app. Interested in seeing Canvas in action? View our Student Success Course to see a sample of how Canvas works.

virtual classroom

A virtual classroom: anytime, anywhere.

We know you're on the go. Between work, family and friends, and school, your world is full of commitments. Shouldn't your education meet you where you are?

  • Full Access to Course Content
  • Direct Email to Instructors
  • Live Chat with Peers
Lindsay Wyskowski
"Completing my master's degree online with University College has been a wonderful—and surprisingly global! —experience."
—Lindsay Wyskowski, 2015 Graduate
Course Material

Access to course materials, syllabus, assignments, and more.

When you attend University College, you're always a keystroke or swipe away from your course. You'll have full access to...

  • Syllabus
  • Discussions
  • Lecture Videos
  • Assignments & Grades
  • Readings
  • Chat & Email
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"I thoroughly enjoyed the online discussion boards and found this to be extremely valuable means to enhance my understanding of the subject matter."
—MS in Leadership and Organizations, 2017 Graduate
discussion board

Engage in meaningful discussion with your classmates

Just like you, your peers have a breadth and depth of professional experience. Learn from them through dynamic discussions about course content.

  • Record Videos Right in Canvas
  • Embed and Attach Multimedia
  • Search and Embed YouTube Videos
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"The people I interacted with made all the difference. But in addition to that, the DU online infrastructure is top rate."
—MS in Information & Communications Technology, 2017 Graduate
Connect with your instructor virtually

Connect with your instructor virtually

Your instructor is there to support you on your educational journey. Whether you're outside of Colorado or down the street in Denver, you'll have direct access to your instructor and can set up...

  • Skype or Zoom sessions
  • Phone calls
  • Meet Ups on Canvas Chat
  • In-Person Meetings
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"The hybrid-flex format was especially helpful as it combined the benefits of distance learning at home with real time interaction."
—MS in Information & Communications Technology, 2017 Graduate

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