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Focus Forward: Reinventing Career and Retirement

Ready for a change? Now's the time to explore your options. Designed for professionals ages 50+ who are seeking career mobility and change or planning a post-career transition into retirement, Focus Forward: Reinventing Career and Retirement helps you ask the relevant questions and determine the best course of action through new frameworks, tools, and strategies that will help you map out the future you desire.

The program begins with Planning for Change in the Third Age, a foundational workshop partially developed by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara--recognized experts in adult development, renewal, and leadership training. Students in this workshop will first explore the third age, a pivotal and exciting time in life beginning in your 50s and 60s, and then learn powerful tools and strategies for navigating change and transition for lifelong renewal, including life skills for sustaining purpose and passion and a compelling plan for moving forward in the months ahead.

Once this workshop is complete, participants may select from two courses offered that focus on a specific need: Revitalizing Career or Reinventing Retirement. These courses explore viable options for moving forward with you and your individual needs taking center stage. Can't decide which step to take? Try both.

With nearly 80 million baby boomers moving toward a traditional retirement age, the question arises: what comes next? Many working professionals will need to ask themselves the tough questions: Do I want to retire? Do I want to shift careers? Do I want to continue in my current career?

A 2014 survey from found that more than 4.5 million Americans aged 50 to 70 plan to work in "encore" (post-midlife) careers and another 21 million are considering doing so. Many professionals enter into non-profit, education, environment, and healthcare sectors while others explore entrepreneurship or return to the workforce in a different career. Or, maybe you're ready to retire but in a different way, much like the growing number of boomers who say that civic engagement or other volunteer work will be an important part of their retirement. You're working but it doesn't feel like work.

Whether you choose the career or retirement route, it's never too late to start moving forward into a future that's both fulfilling and purposeful. You're not alone, so join others just like you--career professionals looking for a new direction—to navigate the next steps and create an action plan in Focus Forward.

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