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The Information and Communications Technology program goes beyond traditional technology skills and teaches the integrated skills needed to bridge the gap between business requirements and technical solutions. Problem-based instruction prepares you to take on real-world IT challenges and develop solutions that are both practical and strategic. You will develop hands-on skills in a specialized area of IT, while also broadening your knowledge of the industry and developing leadership skills for career success.

You will encounter applied content, using a combination of technical knowledge and business insights to tackle real-world IT challenges. You will learn from instructors and peers who work in the field to master the technologies of today, anticipate emerging trends, and develop the broad knowledge that will serve you well into the future.

Information and Communications Technology Outcomes

This program prepares students to:

  • Characterize the critical relationship between business needs and ICT solutions
  • Assess current and emerging technologies in such areas as mobile applications, wireless networks, and cloud computing
  • Convert the strategic application of technology and global resources into competitive advantage in global markets
  • Specify an enterprise architecture, including hardware, software, databases, and communications networks and protocols
  • Identify best practices in information assurance
  • Evaluate, select, and apply software design, development and quality assurance methodologies that incorporate software development, acquisition, and re-use
  • Identify the operational and economic impact of system architecture and software applications in areas such as computer processing, data communications, network design, and software maintenance and support
  • Apply best project management practices
  • Lead and coach others in the development of systems and software components
  • Communicate effectively with technical peers, management, customers, and end-users

Director's Message

Mike Batty

As a professional in the industry, you are aware that the convergence of information and communications technology, the continued miniaturization of devices, and the emergence of rich multimedia applications delivered over high speed networks are examples of forces that are transforming the industry. These and similar forces will shape your careers. Our commitment is to provide an educational experience that not only conveys the knowledge and specific skills needed to enhance your competitive position today, but also conveys a context for continuous learning that you can rely on throughout your career. The ICT faculty and staff are committed to supporting you on your educational journey.

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