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Leadership and Organization Studies (Bachelor's)

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With more than 20% of all undergraduate degrees in the United States being business-related, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself to compete in the global job market. A bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Organization Studies draws on several diverse subjects such as management, economics, sociology, and psychology to help you learn how to function creatively and effectively in all types of organizations including business, government, and non-for-profit.

The critical learning outcomes of a leadership degree are similar to a traditional undergraduate business major, however it offers much more, including civic engagement opportunities, training and development techniques, organizational behavior knowledge, and key communication skills. A leadership degree prepares graduates to analyze and change organizational structures, as well as gain perspective on the roles of effective leaders and followers within business. Degree-seekers can take their education to the next level by combining essential business skills with leadership, project management, and communication techniques—a diverse portfolio of knowledge that will help you succeed as a leader in the business world.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program have the opportunity to learn by doing at University College, through applied classes that are career-relevant and focus on the experience you bring to the classroom. Classes, taught online and/or on campus in the evenings, teach students how to function on high performance teams, manage diversity, and resolve oversight. Apply what you know to an integrative project based in an organizational setting of your choice, and leave the bachelor’s completion program with an improved understanding of organizations, business, and leadership.

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Careers in Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organization Studies

Job Analyst, Human Resources Administrator, Equal Opportunity Representative, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Personnel Manager, Entrepreneur, Recruiter.

By 2018, a college education will be required for 63% of jobs

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From start to finish, the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program provides an unparalleled experience that helps you do more for your career, family, and community.

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