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Nanette Lockwood


Nanette recently retired from Trane Technologies, where she oversaw climate policy and advocacy on a global basis. She led the company’s United Nations advocacy engagement at various climate weeks as well as at the Montreal Protocol and Paris Agreement annual meetings where she was highlighted as a feature speaker in various business and NGO venues. She also led the company’s engagement with U.S. federal and state government regulators on climate and energy policies.

Motivation for Teaching

Nanette has a passion for improving the environment and seeks to develop the next generation of successful environmental policy professionals. Her time in large corporations has led to hard-won lessons in effective advocacy which she hopes to pass to upcoming students.

Helping Students Be Successful

Nanette teaches her students about the latest policy changes with real-life examples and hands-on exercises. She is readily available via email and virtual office hours to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer insights from the environmental policy world.