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Annie Foley

Contact Info


Annie Foley is a highly accomplished people operations executive with a proven track record of scaling and modernizing HR processes for high-growth companies.

Professional Background

With extensive experience in strategic human resources that focuses on efficiency and optimization, Annie has successfully trained and coached People Ops teams to adapt to organizational growth and enhance overall workforce performance. Throughout her career, Annie has demonstrated her expertise in creating inclusive and equitable programs related to onboarding, mentorship, succession planning, benefits planning and administration, compensation management, and leadership development.

Annie has a deep understanding of HR systems and technologies, having selected and implemented complete HRIS, modernized performance review processes, and managed immigration processes. Her ability to identify operational inefficiencies often results in substantial cost savings for organizations.


Annie holds a Master of Professional Studies from the University of Denver, a Master of Business Administration from Northern Kentucky University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cincinnati.

Helping Students be Successful

Annie brings her wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. Her unique teaching approach incorporates her own professional experience and expertise, providing students with practical knowledge that is relevant to the evolving HR landscape. She emphasizes the importance of building a people-centered HR practice that keeps the humanity in human resources.