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Audrey Sevalt

Contact Info


Audrey Sevalt is a longtime human resources (HR) leader and consultant with 40 years of experience in the field, with the goal of enabling healthy company cultures, strong leadership, and mastery of organization communication. She has a breadth of knowledge in all disciplines of human resources, including future trends in talent and the changing legal environment, preparing leaders for a business environment in continuous flux.

Professional Background

Audrey currently serves small businesses in Denver as an HR consultant for Barrett Business Services Inc. (BBSI). She is a trusted advisor to more than 60 small businesses and their leaders. She is also involved in educating the business community on the increasing complexity of regulations centered on employment law. Prior to her role at BBSI, she was the Division Director of Human Resources for a for-profit school organization, supporting over 20 campuses nationwide. Previous to that role, she was the Vice President of Organization Development and Vice President of HR Field Operations for the health care technology company TriZetto. Currently, Audrey serves as the secretary on the board of Vega Collegiate Academy, a charter school serving over 500 students, many newly arrived immigrants.


Audrey earned her B.S. in Management from Metropolitan State University, and her Master of Special Studies in Applied Communication from the University of Denver. For many years, she was a part-time student juggling a career, family, and school.

Helping Students be Successful

Audrey’s passion is helping HR professionals adopt a role that is business-centric, with a strong grasp of finance and operations, so that HR can sit at the table with C-level executives, offering a firm understanding of the impact HR processes have on organizational success. She believes that when HR is aligned with business goals, leaders will understand the value of considering the impact of business decisions on people. Audrey impresses on her students all the “why’s” behind HR and talent management processes along with their impact. She connects abstract concepts to practical application that is grounded in real stories of people who navigate organizations and external forces to have fulfilling, successful careers.