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Edgar Perez

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Drawing upon more than two decades of specialized operations experience in the U.S. Army, Eddie possesses an extensive background in leadership, team building, strategic planning and organizational effectiveness. In his capacity as the Principal Consultant at TierraFirma Consulting, Eddie incorporates his military expertise to collaborate with executive leaders in fostering professional and organizational resilience. His focus lies in defining professional goals, co-developing strategic plans, and designing high-quality roadmaps for leadership development. Eddie is adept at providing coaching services to leaders in both the private and public sectors, leveraging his understanding of leadership dynamics gained through his dynamic military career.

Motivation for Teaching

Embracing Diverse Perspectives: Driven by a commitment to fostering diverse perspectives, Eddie believes in the power of inclusive leadership. His motivation for teaching is rooted in the belief that diverse voices and experiences contribute to stronger, more resilient leaders and organizations. By incorporating this philosophy into his courses, he aims to prepare students to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with an appreciation for diversity and inclusion.