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Fera Butts

Contact Info


Fera Butts is an experienced healthcare professional with over 30 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She has a deep understanding of the interplays with front-line care and leadership within the healthcare space.


Fera earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Loma Linda University and her Master of Arts in Leadership and Management from Webster University. Fera is currently working to complete a Ph.D. in Natural and Integrative Medicine from Quantum University, while also working to complete a DNP from Franklin University.

Professional Background

Fera currently works as a Functional Medicine Practitioner with Tactical Health 100, where she works to optimize health and wellness with her clients. Previously, Fera has worked as a Director of Emergency Services and Pediatrics, as well as a Functional Medicine Practitioner for Besana Health and Wellness.

During Fera’s tenure in Emergency Medicine, she helped to design, build and operationalize three free standing emergency departments here in Colorado.

Motivation for Teaching

Fera considers herself a “lifelong learner” and enjoys teaching within the healthcare space. She enjoys helping students learn and grow while embracing new technologies and innovations. Fera’s passion is to help students be successful while integrating learning into busy work and family schedules.